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Book Review : The New Rules of Business: Get Ahead Or Get Left Behind - Rajesh Srivastava

It is said that change is the only constant, and it is applicable in every aspect of life in some form or the other. Then, how businesses can stay away from this constant? They simply can't! Just as humans, who need to adapt to the ever-changing surroundings and circumstances, the businesses need to follow the suit. Is it different for different businesses? I don't think so, the only thing that would be different is the scale at which these changes need to be implemented. What do you think? Do let me know, in the comments below.

I recently read the book, The New Rules Of Business, authored by Rajesh Srivastava, who is an alumnus of IIT Kanpur and IIM Bangalore. He has decades of experience in leadership roles across industries as a change maker and has been a corporate trainer as well as an academician for years now. The New Rules Of Business, is his first published work as a book and has several articles to his names which have appeared in leading publications.
Book Review : The New Rules of Business: Get Ahead Or Get Left Behind - Rajesh Srivastava
Book Review : The New Rules of Business: Get Ahead Or Get Left Behind - Rajesh Srivastava
The tagline of the book, The New Rules Of Business, is "Get Ahead Or Get Left Behind" which stands absolutely true in the current context of the world where consumers seek more of experiences with a business than only buying a product or a service. How often do you see a company offering a complete experience which is not limited to the product, but pre-sales and even post-sales? Small gestures go a long way in a building a great brand affinity and thus word of mouth. The book in a nutshell speaks about this.

The author Rajesh Srivastava has divided the book in eight major categories which are Customer, Employee, Leadership, Brand, Workplace, Communication, Supply Chain and Business Strategy. Each of these sections is further detailed into important rules, the new rules of business that is book is about, that will help you stay ahead. Each of these rules are explained not only with how they are the need of the hour and game changer but also with highly relevant examples.

Some of the Rules spoken about in the book from different categories to give you an idea of what to expect from the book are mentioned below.
  • Convert your customers into 'Employees'
  • Treat Your Employees As You Treat Your Best Customers
  • Transform Your Workplace into Fun Place
  • Embrace Omnichannel
  • Nudge Your Customers To Act Your Way
With approximately 350 pages, The New Rules Of Business, is a very simple to read book and at the same time offer some really valuable business lessons ready to implement. One of the most important things to take away for me was creating a product or a service so good that it does its own marketing through the experience that people gain out of it. You will save not only on the advertising part, but also attract brand loyalty. The new age companies are disruptive not because they have a unique business idea, but a unique way of operating the business.

The book, The New Rules Of Business, by Rajesh Srivastava may not unfold mysteries for you if you are a well read person, but it will definitely strengthen your belief in prioritizing customer experiences. Also, the book has praises from new age business leaders who second the rules shared.

I would recommend this book to anyone interested in reading about a good reference book filled with examples and minimal theory on the new business excellence.

Other Details :
Copyright : Rajesh Srivastava
Published By : Penguin Random House India
ISBN : 9780143446927
Genre : Business

You can order a copy of the book from Amazon.

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