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Book Review : I Don't Want To Meet Lord Krishna! - Yashaswini K

I am sure that you would have heard about a devotee claiming to have had a conversation with the god in some form or the other and going gaga about it. Such claims are usually followed with more questions than curiosity, also doubts are raised about the claims being genuine. That's natural, right? Have you come across such a claim by a person that you know? If yes, do share in the comments below.

I recently read a book titled I Don't Want To Meet Lord Krishna!, a fictional take on meeting Lord Krishna and woven around the current affairs of India, written by author Yashaswini K. The author is post-grad in Botany and English with teaching experience and is currently a news editor for a website.

The protagonist of the story, Radha Srinivasan, is a crime reporter and an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna while her brother serves in the State Police. Radha gets invited as the chosen one to interview someone in person, finding the invite irrelevant at first she agrees to do the interview after security reassurances. Not knowing that she is being called upon by Lord Krishna to this Golaka.
Book Review : I Don't Want To Meet Lord Krishna! - Yashaswini K
Book Review : I Don't Want To Meet Lord Krishna! - Yashaswini K
The first half of the story is about the setup to this interview and the actual interview while the second half of the story revolves around the outcomes and consequences of the published interview.

Though the story is fictional in nature, it raises questions about the current geopolitical issues of India, the religious fanaticism, crime against women to Lord Krishna who presents his thoughts on them, if not satisfactory answer. Radha also questions Lord Krishna on righteousness, on the concept of eternity and his contradictory acts. To which there is a perspective shared by Lord Krishna in his answers.

The story further narrates the backlash of Radha publishing this interview, the instances when her life is at risk and somehow escaping them, being questioned and ridiculed by colleagues, and why she decides to not meeting Lord Krishna again.

I Don't Want To Meet Lord Krishna!, is a simple narrative of putting the author's perspective in place, as a reader, you may agree or disagree with the views presented, but the author doesn't digress from addressing them. It is a quick read with small chapters which are easier to understand for those who know or have read about Lord Krishna. For others the references could be a catch, but there is a glossary at the end.

The plot of a crime journalist meeting Lord Krishna for an interview in itself is interesting, but I felt that there were too many sub stories that were narrated which weren't directly related to the first half of the book. I, personally, would have loved to see the interview which was more of a conversation was related and shaped up one particular aspect of the story.

I would recommend the book I Don't Want To Meet Lord Krishna! by author Yashaswini K to anyone interested in a quick fictional read.

Other Details
Copyright: Yashaswini K
Published By: Notion Press
ISBN: 9781645469964
Genre: Fiction, Mythology

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