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Book Review : Irrationally Passionate - Jason Kothari

I am sure, most of us, at some point or the other in our lives do get a thought to start something of our own, of being a businessman/businesswoman or the modern day term entrepreneur. Even if you wouldn't have thought of it, you would have been suggested so by the people around you as they see some great potential in you to set up some large business empire. Don't we? I think that's quite natural because that's innate to human  to  lead, especially lead in terms of minting money. But, is it always easy? Is there a process to it? Do share your thoughts in the comments below.

I recently read, Irrationally Passionate: My Turnaround from Rebel to Entrepreneur, a book by Jason Kothari on his journey that the tagline suggests. It is his autobiography of growing up in different parts of the world to present. In an overview, it is about his upbringing, the inquisitive quests, the odd jobs and the learning from all these things to lead some of the India's biggest business ventures. Was it all easy or too hard? The book is a narration to this question, but does it get answered? Let's find out.

Book Review : Irrationally Passionate - Jason Kothari
Book Review : Irrationally Passionate - Jason Kothari
Irrationally Passionate is written in linear, chronological order about Jason's growing up days and the cultural challenges faced, the escape from those, the learning from those challenges and the implementation of the same in day to day life. From bargaining for a chess set to setting up a pizza counter for charity, from landing up a chance job on a film production set to leading India's well known startups, Jason candidly writes about them.

The book, Irrationally Passionate, has a few practical-ready to implement advises for aspiring entrepreneurs and my personal favorite is the ending chapter where the processes or pointers for an ideal startup are listed and described in detail with sub pointers. This chapter is an additional take away from the life lessons that Jason shares and also reaffirms why he was termed as a global turnaround leader and a business professional that would revamp and translate the activities to achieve business objectives.

The book is very simplistic in nature, advocates family, cultural and spiritual values. It is free of unnecessary business jargon, making it an effortless read and super easy to comprehend and I am sure that reading it will give you an interesting perspective to whatever you are pursuing right now. Irrationally Passionate is full of insights, non-bookish in its essence and I would recommend it to anyone interested in reading a good non-fiction that has some key takeaways and at least provokes you, if not inspire.

Other Details:

CopyrightJason Kothari
Published ByHarperBusiness
ISBN: 978-9353572655
Genre: Non-Fiction / Memoir / Autobiography

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