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Book Review : Infin-Eight: Eight Principles for Infinite Professional Success - Prajeet Budhale

Success, as we all would have read and to some extent experienced as well that it is a very relative term and would mean different things to different people. Instead of concentrating on the efforts one is putting in, they end up worrying more about the process and wonder if it would guarantee success.

I think that one should enjoy the entire process of aiming towards success and celebrating the journey. One shouldn't get bogged down by societal definition of success and only, specifically, focus on those as primary achievements. But, is there is a way to assure success while enjoying the process? Do share your thoughts in the comments below.

I recently read Infin-Eight a book about eight principles for infinite professional success authored by Prajeet Budhale. Prajeet is an experienced professional in various roles ranging from sales to customer service and consulting to many more. This experience is across nations and different organizations. Prajeet is also a certified coach. This book, Infin-Eight, is the outcome of his experiences, observations, learning and insights of over two decades.
Book Review : Infin-Eight Eight Principles for Infinite Professional Success - Prajeet Budhale
Book Review : Infin-Eight Eight Principles for Infinite Professional Success - Prajeet Budhale
Infin-Eight isn't an autobiography or a self-help book and Prajeet makes this very clear, this book has an approach of "work with self" alongside eight principles clearly charted out for infinite success and that is how the book derives its name. The book has guided and non-guided exercises at regular intervals throughout the book which makes you think through while you are reading. I felt it has got more to do with how you implement skills rather than only learn about those skills, so a good approach by Prajeet.

As a book, Infin-Eight is a good mix of motivation, learning, professional outlook, building confidence and self-development. It follows a pattern that is defined yet fluid in drawing your attention and convincing you to align your strengths with your professional and career growth aspirations. It emphasizes on building emotional quotient which makes you bring relevance to your conversations and actions which in turn further help you build relationships, partnerships and friendships.

Infin-Eight is a practical guide and companion in the application of the approach to succeed with simple and easy to understand methods without sounding fancy. The book is not driven by jargon, but with your unidentified potential and the book, in totality, doesn't restrict itself at only giving you tips and ideas, but actually help you build an actionable plan to achieve desired success.

If you are someone who is just starting their career, this is definitely a good book to read. I am not sure, if this will help experienced professionals who already have great work experience, but I am sure that there is something or the other for everyone to take away from it and implement.

You can order a copy of the book from Amazon and Flipkart.

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