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Book Review : Faaltugiri and other flashbacks - Janhavi Samant

Unlike any other age brackets that we fall into, childhood has to be the most important one in shaping up our beliefs. If you disagree, do let me know in the comments below.

Faaltugiri And Other Flashbacks, a book written by Janhavi Samant, is a memoir about her growing up days in Dadar, a suburb of Mumbai aka the Bombay of the 80's and the sequential evolution of everything around her, from people to politics, from balcony to Bollywood and from errands to everyday.

As a fellow Mumbaikar from a generation decade older than the author, Janhavi Samant, I could relate to so many things being written about in the book, especially the people and their characteristics. Be it her parents, family or the neighborhood community. Someone, who isn't familiar with Mumbai would dismiss the thoughts shared, but you will definitely enjoy the characteristic burst. Being a first hand account of experiencing Mumbai, Faaltugiri and other flashbacks grows on you to stay clung.
Book Review : Faaltugiri and other flashbacks - Janhavi Samant
Book Review : Faaltugiri and other flashbacks - Janhavi Samant
The writing of the memoir is very much factual and unapologetic, the wit and nuances of the mundane yet exciting life will make you laugh constantly. The usage of slang was so apt that I found the story was personalized for me! As a Non-Mumbaikar there is so much to pick up for you as a reader.

The language of the book is very simple and the sketches that appear frequently add more depth to the characters and you can actually see them instead of random reader's visualization. As a reader, the book took me on a nostalgia trip and relieve community watching, the only telephone connection in the entire building, the conversations with the small time shop owners and what not! I had a constant smile on my face while I kept flipping the pages.

The book, Faaltugiri and other flashbacks, is definitely a stress buster, which can be completed in a single sitting with ease. As soon as I had a look at the cover, my mind cracked a joke "Premachi Laat".. Ha-ha!

In a nutshell, Faaltugiri and other flashbacks has documented an entire era gone by! An era that everyone will fondly remember!

Other Details:
Published By: FunOKPlease Content Publishing Private Limited
Copyright: Janhavi Samant
ISBN: 978-93-81593-32-5
Genre: Story/Autobiography, Personal Account
Illustration By: Abhilasha S. Khatri
Book Design: Yogita Mhatre
Cover Design: Dhanashri Ubhayakar 

You can order a copy of the book from Amazon and FunOKPlease

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