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Book Review : The Pulwama Aftermath - Pratik Shah

Who wouldn't remember the terror attack that happened on the CRPF convoy in early 2019 at Pulwama. It was one of those dreadful events in the valley that raised various questions about the security of our army personals, the ever growing turmoil of the localites, integrity of the people within the system and all this happening at a time when the general elections were to be held.

There were multiple viewpoints ranging from the staging of the event for political gains to narratives about the rebuttal against the terrorist. What was the reality behind this? All we know is that a form of revenge was taken.

The book, The Pulwama Aftermath, is not specifically about the above mentioned incident which I thought it may be considering the title.
Book Review : The Pulwama Aftermath - Pratik Shah
Book Review : The Pulwama Aftermath - Pratik Shah
The Pulwama Aftermath is a fictional crime thriller authored by Pratik Shah, which is based on the current political and governance setup up in India and revolves around the plotting, planning and execution of an attack on the Prime Minister.

The story goes into details of how the attacked is planned, does it succeed, what are the repercussions, how the Prime Minister survives or does he survive at all and what happens to the attacker.

The Pulwama Aftermath is 250 pages long with very small chapters which makes it a quick page turner. The narration, I wouldn't say is simple, is complex initially as the build up to the characters, their thoughts, their background takes some time and soon you get involved in the story to unearth the entire conspiracy.

At some places the patriotism takes over while at some places you will observe pure play genius across agencies which brings in a new perspective or if I may say the "modern outlook" towards tackling various situations.

If you are someone who is really interested in politics or political drama, The Pulwama Aftermath is a must read. Though the book classifies into fiction, the places mentioned, the names used or agencies called out are all real and you may feel that you are actually reading something that happened yesterday as the realistic naming brings higher relevance to the story and I doubt the story would have had a similar impact on me if it had used alternate names and places to play safe.

In many places the story is also about the establishment of thoughts and justification to their deeds, irrespective of the character. This particular thing in the writing stood out for me. As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, if you are interested in politics, you will constantly assume that you know what happens next, but believe me, not until the end.

In totality, except for two things which are the cover of the book and the initial few chapters, I liked how the entire narrations turn out to be. The cover of the book could have been better or maybe it is me who isn't able to comprehend the message.

Considering the plot, there were high chances that the book could be biased, however it has a very balanced perspective in everything because today, even patriotism has different meanings. Do give the book The Pulwama Aftermath a read.

Other Details:
Copyright: Pratik Shah
Published By: Distinct Books
Genre: Fiction | Crime | Political Drama
ISBN: 9789353617332
You can order a copy of the book from Amazon.

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