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Book Review : Upheaval A Novel - Vijai Singh Mankotia

Often, it is said that India is one of the largest democracies in the world and with almost zero resistance it gets accepted. Why does this need to be said over and over again? As a reminder? To prove? Or reinstate the same for political reasons? Well, that should be left to everyone's understanding and sanity. There are many stories that keep revolving around this, and one such story is written by author Vijai Singh Mankotia.

The author Vijai Singh Mankotia has written a book titled, "Upheaval - A Novel", which is a fictional tale of belonging, love and the semblance that revolves around the premise of India's socio-political developments. Vijai Singh Mankotia is a former Major of the First Gorkha Rifles of the Indian Army. He was also an elected MLA to the Himachal Pradesh State Legislative Assembly for five terms. He also worked with Air India for a few years before entering into Politics. This is the background, probably, which gives him the understanding and functioning of the political world closely which he has brilliantly jotted down in the book.
Book Review - Upheaval A Novel - Vijai Singh Mankotia
Book Review - Upheaval A Novel - Vijai Singh Mankotia
The book, "Upheaval - A Novel", is about the superlatives of political power, blooming love, perennial drama, questionable existence and how all these shapes up the selfish narratives of many in the South East Asia region as well as globally. The author has done commentary on various political scenarios from the past and how all this has shaped up the existing scheme of things. Almost everything that you read seems real which will only make you believe in it, but also question the intentions of people behind it, though it is a fictional tale, it appears to be near the boundaries of reality.

The book is also like an overview that covers the cross border terrorism or the border related issues on either side of our land, the conflicts of the past between countries like India, Pakistan and Afghanistan, the internal power hungry politics and the conflicts that keep tainting the fabric of India.

The protagonist of the story, in the book "Upheaval - A novel", with two completely diverse backgrounds and idealism start falling in love, as a reader, you will be curious to figure out what is happening on that front as it is a regular love story. It is a story that will question many things and seek a resolve, but will it succeed or fail? Can the power of love, in any way, change the people associated with them, their backgrounds or will love change its interpretation?

It is not an out and out political write up, if you are interested in the global political scenario or at least the countries trying to attain the global supremacy and how India fits in between all this, then you may find this book to be interesting. In a few places, it may appear repetitive or boring depending upon your awareness about those incidents as there are multiple global events being spoken about and how they all relate and advance to the present.

Other Details:
Copyright: Vijai Singh Mankotia
Published By: Har-Anand Publications Pvt. Ltd.
ISBN: 978-93-88409-20-9
Genre: Fiction

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