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Book Review : Little Friend by K. Ramesh

Poems to some, are literary excellence and for others are just a simple rhyme scheme, but poems are different, poems have a different set of readers as everyone who reads may find difficulties in understanding the actual story behind the lines. If reading between the lines is one of your skills, then reading poems would be an easy task.

I recently read, Little Friend by K. Ramesh, a book with a collection of poems. Is the book only about the little friend that the poet had? No! It covers different aspects of life and little friend is one of those aspects. I personally felt that the title could have been something better as it restricts the scope of the poems that it covers.
Book Review : Little Friend by K. Ramesh
Book Review : Little Friend by K. Ramesh
The book has around 40 poems which collectively speak for the experiences and the observations that the poet has had throughout this life. These experiences and observations are about the society of humans that we live in and the general attributes that come along. The poems bring out the experiences that you go through your life sometime or the other. 

Poems like "The Book and the Book Lover", "Someone's Family", "Manmade world" are refreshing while "A Journey" lives up to the name and takes you through the days you traveled to meet your loved ones. "Remembering the Mango Tree" reminds you about the behavior of taking things for granted and then the only thing that you are left with to cherish are the memories. The poem "Little Friend" after which the book is titled is a beautiful writing about friendship, sometimes it's too late to realize the importance. 

For me, the poems have uncomplicated simplicity in them and can be read by everyone.

Other details:
Copyrights: K. Ramesh
Publisher: Nivasini Publishers
ISBN: 978-81-929002-5-4
Genre: Realistic Fiction (Poetry)
Edited by: Christina Cowling | Nivedita Narsapuram
Cover Design: Chandrasekhar Singh
Front Cover Painting: Hemant kumar
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