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Interview with Anamika Mishra

I got the chance to interview Anamika Mishra who is coming up with her new novel Voice MatesHer debut novel was 'Too hard To Handle' which was published in the year 2013.

-- Interview with Anamika Mishra -- 

Q: How and when did you decide that you wanted to write the book “Voice Mates”?
A: I had the plot of VoiceMates in my mind since a long time. It could have been my first novel, but I wanted to gain more experience in order to convey the message in a better way. I had been through that fear of failure, that chill of leaving a high paid job and keeping the career at stake just because I wanted to become a writer. But if I wouldn’t have taken that risk pursue my dream, I would not have been at this place. Soon after Too hard to handle got released, I started working on this novel.

Q: Is the story of “Voice Mates” inspired from real life events or is it completely fictional?
A: Though the plot of this story is fiction, but actually it has the emotions of everyone who wants to pursue a contemporary and non-traditional career like being a singer, dancer, photographer, writer etc. but because of the fear of failure or family/responsibility pressures they are unable to pursue it.

Q: What can our readers expect from Voice Mates?
A: You can expect a very inspiring story which will motivate you to follow your dreams and pursue your passion. It will help you move on the bad experiences you have had in your life whether for career or relationship. It will surely be a life-changing experience.

Q: Which other books have you written in the past and what can we expect in the near future from you?
A: My first novel was Too hard to handle. This is my second novel. Manuscript of third novel is ready and is with the publishers and I am working on my fourth one.

Q: Do you read as much as you write? Which are your favorite books?
A: Yes! I am kinda bibliophile. My favorite books are Heidi, David Copper field, Like the flowing river and Alchemist. I love reading English classics a lot.

Q: Which other writers inspire you?

Interview with Anamika Mishra
Interview with Anamika Mishra

Q: Two things that you like and dislike the most about humans?
A: Two things I like about humans
  1. Power of expressions
  2. Never ending spirit to explore
Two things I dislike about humans
  1. Wrong use of power of expressions 
  2. Cruel behavior towards animals (not all are the same, but yes there are many humans who behave badly with the animals, especially dogs)
Q: How does traveling and photography help you learn and unlearn? Does these things inspire you to write?
A: Travelling helps me explore new places and people. When travelling, I love to observe the different kind of people I come across, their behavior, the way they dress-up, eat, etc. The places I visit help me to learn the minor details of culture and behavior of the people living there. And of-course, scenic beauty has always inspired me to write. Every beauty scene makes me want to write more, may it be the sunset in Kanyakumari or Sunrise in Nanital. Photography helps me capture that moment with me forever.

Q: You prefer reading e-books or you love the traditional paper/hard back books?
A: All love reading both paperback and ebooks. Though, during travelling I prefer ebooks as they are easy to carry. But when I am home, I prefer physical books.

Q: Other than writing, what are your other interests?
A: Travelling, photography and blogging.

Q: If your book, Voice Mates, is made into a Bollywood film, which actors/actresses would you want to be a part of it?
A: Ahh! This one is an interesting question. Well, I would like to Shraddha Kapoor to play Tulip’s role while for Sam, I would prefer a new face.

Q: Which gadgets do you personally use?
A: My cellphone, laptop, iPod and a kindle.

Q: During the course of writing this book, did you ever face a writer's Block? How long did it take for you to complete the book?
A: No! I feel lucky that I didn’t face writer’s block while writing VoiceMates. From researching on the plot to creating a complete manuscript, it took 3-4 months.

Q: One message that you would want to convey to our readers?
A: Keep dreaming and don’t feel scared to pursue it. If you really want it, you will surely get it.

Q: How can our readers connect with you?
A: I am active on social media especially twitter (@anamikawrites), so readers can join me there. Also, they can follow my blog AnamikaMishra.com or mail me directly at mail@anamikamishra.com

-- End of interview with Anamika Mishra -- 
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