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Book Review : The Arithmetic of Breasts and Other stories - Rochelle Potkar

When I took up The Arithmetic of Breast and Other stories to read I wasn't sure if I would read it till the end with the same excitement that I started with. From the title of the book, it was very obvious that it was erotica, but there is more than erotica to the book. There are actual stories that will keep you engrossed in the book and erotica only carves the way for it.

The book comprises of seven short stories which are The arithmetic of breasts, The room with a sea-view, Sky Park, Dr. Love, The scent of conscience, A place they call scary, What men want and two very short stories which are Our Lovers and The troll on page 16 that lasts only for two to three pages. Out of all these stories, my personal favorite story is Dr. Love. All the stories in this book have one thing in common which is human emotions, as you scroll through the book you will discover all of them one by one. Another thing that I have personally liked about the book is that it is not only about the genre that the title suggests.

Book Review : The Arithmetic of Breasts and Other stories - Rochelle Potkar
Book Review : The Arithmetic of Breasts and Other stories - Rochelle Potkar
I don't want to write much about the actual stories in the book as I want you to read them and have your own take on them as I am sure that you will like the stories. Though all the stories talk about humans and their lust for making out, but all the stories have defined these humans (characters in the story) with individual characteristics. Every story in the book has a notable storyline. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves to read fiction, believe me it will be worth your time.

The book, The Arithmetic of Breasts and Other stories, was also shortlisted for The Digital Book of the Year Award 2014 by Publishing Next.

Other details:
Copyright: Rochelle Potkar
Cover Design: Erin Lark
Publisher: 20Notebooks Press
ISBN: 978-93-5174-900-4
Genre: Fiction, Erotica
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  1. With such a catchy topic I wished your review could tell more about the book .

    1. That was intentional, I wanted the readers to read the book because of the exceptional stories it has.


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