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Book Review : Kaivalya - A Fire Within - Ekta Saigal Pandit

There is only one life, how often do you hear that? Is there a truth behind that? Do we really have only one life? Or for that matter, what exactly is life? What is living it large or under the carpet? Can your version and definition of life be different from someone? Are all these questions relevant? Well, the answer to all these questions, depends on your perspective towards the human existence. Are existence and life the same thing? Do share your thoughts in the comments section below.

I recently read the book Kaivalya - A Fire Within, which is a gripping fictional tale about incarnations and the constantly moving karmic wheel by the author Ekta Saigal Pandit. Throughout the book, the emphasis is on actions that the characters take which piles on their karmic score for us to find out if it is a payback or a reward. Kaivalya - A Fire Withinis Ekta Saigal Pandit's second book, her first book was Let go of Me and you can read more about it at Book Review : Let go of Me - Ekta Saigal Pandit.

Book Review : Kaivalya - A Fire Within - Ekta Saigal Pandit
Book Review : Kaivalya - A Fire Within - Ekta Saigal Pandit
The story spans over a few hundred years offering variation in the context of time and actions that are relevant, then. There is love, hatred, greed, kindness, delusion, passion, moments and milestones. There are contrasting events happening throughout the story and this contrast keeps the narrative alive from different perspectives, from different characters and from different positions of power. It is about the journey between two extremes, Sufferings and Kaivalya.

Kaivalya - A Fire Within, is about individuals and the society at large, where the individuals become bigger than the society to control it. The story beautifully narrates how individuals in power shape up the society, tweak traditions, principals, ethics and morals for personal gains and stature keeping the impact on society at stake. It talks about pain and relief, struggle and success, becoming and unbecoming.

The author, Ekta Saigal Pandit, through her writings has brought out some very important reasonings behind how we are today versus how we should have been according to the so-called rituals and society system. Page no. 77 from the book is now imprinted in my head for life, I highly recommend reading this page with focus to understand the impact that it has brought in many lives. Another interesting perspective shared is about how a woman is different from a man, how both the genders reason or feel and exist.

Now coming to the title of the book Kaivalya - A Fire Within, it means achieving the ability or power to detach oneself from material belongings and attaining Moksha. While Moksha is the destination, Kaivalya is the journey and the book fantastically narrates this yet keeping it open to reader's perspective or interpretation.

Till now I haven't written about the characters in the book, not because the characters aren't interesting in the story, but because I felt Kaivalya - A Fire Within is driven by interwoven self-realization, relatability, conflicts and emotions. I would recommend reading Kaivalya - A Fire Within by author Ekta Saigal Pandit, to anyone interested in historical fiction or contemporary fiction.

Also, I haven't done justice to explain what "Kaivalya" means, Ekta Saigal Pandit does :-)

Other Details:
Publisher: Notion Press
ISBN: 978-1636067452
Copyright: Ekta Saigal Pandit
Genre: Fiction

You can order a copy of the book from Amazon.

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  1. Thankyou, Kaushal, for an exhaustive review. It is delightful for an author to be read so intricately. You bring out the flavour of the book through your multi dimensional perspectives in this review. The way you capture the book in your words is really charming.

    I look forward to your review of my third book which has a rather taboo and intriguing subject at its centre-DEATH. It is almost on its way to completion.

    1. Glad to hear Ma'am! Looking forward to your next book, all the best!

  2. Such a detailed and well-written review!

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