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Book Review : The Last Nomad - Heramb Sukhathankar­

There are struggles, there are beliefs and then there are successes. In no particular order, if one strives, one would succeed. Is success only relevant for your corporate life? Does success mean comfort and easy life? Is success relative? How does one define success? Most of us would agree on, accomplishment of a particular aim. The question is, will you still consider it a success when you knew that you were aiming for something wrong? Do share your thoughts in the comments section below.

I recently read a book titled, The Last Nomad, written by author Heramb Sukhathankar. The book is a fictional tale that speaks about the growing up days of Rahul Gite and Ryan Davis, two different 'identities' who once in their lifetime, by chance, come across each other only to comprehend and get acquainted with each other's identity. Do they let go this or cherish it? As a reader, that is for you to find out.

Book Review : The Last Nomad - Heramb Sukhathankar­
Book Review : The Last Nomad - Heramb Sukhathankar­
While the life of Ryan Davis is set in the comforts of Japan, Rahul Gite's is from a slum in Mumbai and the story of the book The Last Nomad is somewhere about the intersection of the these two lives and somewhat about the distinct features yet common characteristics of their lives too. In life, sometimes you have aspirations to be achieved while sometimes life wants you to give up what you have already achieved, is there a common ground for both or everyone is a nomad in this life constantly seeking what they don't have? The book may not be an answer to this question, but has a perspective for the same.

There are a certain good things about the book which make it very simple yet interesting at the same time. The Last Nomad has a narration that leaves with certain food for thoughts and emotions that don't become baggage on you as a reader. The lives of both the identities in the narration are well written and bring forth the realities from different horizons of life from hope, myths and legends to dark, canny and cons. It is vastly about the civilizations and how they bloom for the good or the bad, it is about the journey of life. Is it conclusive with the topics it deals with? That is all for you to find out :-)

Other Details:
Published By: Heramb Sukhathankar
Copyright: Heramb Sukhathankar
ISBN: 978-9352684748
Genre: Fiction
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