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Book Review : One Enduring Lesson - Jamal Merchant

A coin has two sides, isn't this quite obvious? I can see you nodding your head in a yes. Then why am I even saying this? Usually the two sides of the coin are right and wrong, but what happens when both the sides of your coin are only wrong? How do you survive the toughest thing called life? Only a handful survive, but only when they are supported unconditionally by others in altering or correcting the wrongs.

I recently read a book titled, One Enduring Lesson, written by debut author Jamal Merchant who is based out of London and a property finance broker by profession. To read more about the book launch you visit News : Jamal Merchant launches his debut novel ‘One Enduring Lesson’. The book is published by Rupa Publications and is around the theme of survival of love and life against all odds.
Book Review : One Enduring Lesson - Jamal Merchant
Book Review : One Enduring Lesson - Jamal Merchant
The story of the book, One Enduring Lesson, revolves around the protagonist Rahul Saxena, a twenty seven year old who heads to Mumbai all the way from London to pursue a course in film making, but before he could even take an admission in his desired college, his life takes unwanted turns and twists only to leave him devastated and in a constant search to recover himself psychologically, emotionally and financially and how he manages to do it is his journey from London to Mumbai to Amritsar to Mumbai.

The book, One Enduring Lesson, is too many things in one as it talks about a story of love, a story about trust, a story about the desires of different sections of the society, a story of redemption, a story of spiritual awakening and probably this things makes the book a bit longer than it should have been. Another thing that makes the story a bit lengthy than it should have been are the multiple sections about Radium and his professional encounters, though these would be necessary from the writers point of view as he wanted to convey the different issues pertaining to different people and society, but India at large. What or who is Radium? Well, that's an interesting and important part of the book One Enduring Lesson.

There are other good things about the book, all the characters that are introduced in the book are there for an actual reason and serve a larger purpose in the story. The narration of the story is simple and straightforward with detailed descriptions of the characters and their surroundings. The story uncovers different shades of Mumbai, all shades being truest to themselves right from the dreams of a graduate beggar to the desires of wealthy households, from the compassion of strangers to the risk of life and almost everything under the sun possible in the "Maya Nagari" Mumbai.

One Enduring Lesson speaks volumes about the struggles that the city has to offer only to reward you later, it talks about different cultures and the micro cultures within the city to some extent as well. It is a good attempt at writing on a realistic plot. The story also takes a spiritual angle and leads up to All’s Well That Ends Well, but does the story have a happy ending? That is for you, as a reader to find out. I would recommend this 274 page long book to anyone interested in reading a simple fictional tale.

Other Details:
Published By: Rupa Publications
Copyright: Jamal Merchant
ISBN: 978-81-291-4767-7
Genre: Fiction
You can order a copy of the book from Amazon and Flipkart.
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