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Monetizing your blog made easy with Influencer!

As a blogger, you ought to create great content for your readers on an ongoing basis. Building a dedicated reader base for your blog and social media profiles increase your visibility as a blogger. Only a handful of bloggers with engaging content on their blog that resonates with the audience are able to sustain and grow.

So, once you create great content and have built a good follower base, what next? It is time to monetize your blog & create interesting content for your audience, but how? One way to go about this is to individually reach out to various public relation companies, different brand managers and wait for them to reach out to you and this wait is endless. What if I tell you that there is another way to approach this?

There are various influencer marketing platforms on the Internet. Not all of them are trustworthy. So how do you shortlist? Look for the bloggers/ influencers associated with them, the past campaigns they executed, the payment process, etc. I have worked with many influencer marketing platforms, and one of the most reliable ones is
Monetizing your blog made easy with Influencer!
Monetizing your blog made easy with Influencer!
I have worked with Influencer for several projects related to books in the past, and the experience has been great right from confirmation to remuneration. Once you qualify for their campaigns, one of their team member reaches out to you to brief you about the campaign. Your participation, the deliverables along with the remuneration terms are made clear. Once you agree, the application is further processed, and you are asked to complete the assignment. This is what everyone does, right? What sets team influencer apart is the exceptional support they extend. During the project, if you are stuck somewhere they are only a call or email away. They are very prompt with their responses. 

Influencer has bloggers across various categories like Auto, Beauty, Book, Fashion, Food, Investment, Lifestyle, Technology, Travel, Parenting, etc.

To start working with them, follow the steps listed below
  • Register by visiting the Influencer Registration Form
  • Enter your details like Name, Blog URL, Social Profiles and your areas of interest
  • Once you have registered, you will start receiving campaigns relevant to your niche
  • You can then accept the campaign, agree to the terms, submit your work
  • Once you are done, your remuneration is on your way

You can also download the Influencer mobile app from Google Play Store and AppStore to get real-time updates on the go. Some of the recent projects that I have worked on with Team Influencer are Book Review: The Mask Diaries – Abhinav Goel , Book Review: The Extraordinary Consciousness Of An Ordinary Man – Roy and I got introduced to some great books and authors.

PS: I am associated with Influencers and listed in the Book (Bloggers) Influencers section of the website.

As a blogger, you should definitely associate with Influencer following reasons
  • Relevant brand associations in your area of interest
  • Transparent conversations about deliverables and project expectations
  • Timely agreed remuneration
  • No commission or deductions from your payments unlike other influencer marketing platforms
  • Professional attitude

As a brand, is the right choice for your influencer outreach programs as they simplify the entire process of identifying the right influencers for you and deliver the projects on time. As a brand, you can associate with them in a straight forward way which is
  • Launch your campaign (Specify your requirements and campaign brief)
  • Receive applications and quotes (from influencers)
  • Review applications received and finalise influencers (Under your control)
  • Get coverage from influencers
  • Scale up your search engine optimisation
  • Track results

Brands can have a look at the influencers reach like Twitter followers, Instagram profile and followers, monthly blog traffic and total reach across the web along with an unique score calculated by Influencer, MOZ score and social score. This helps in assessing the influencers work before assigning the campaign to them.

If you are a blogger, what are you waiting for? Sign up with Influencer today and start monetizing your influence!

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  1. This looks great, thanks for writing about this. Never knew something like this existed.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Do share your thoughts about influencer over here.

  2. associated with Influencers and listed in the Book (Bloggers) Influencers section.


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