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Book Review : Breathing in Love: A Himalayan Love Story - Satvi Sharma

What in this world is omnipresent? Love? Definitely not. What is most sought by humans? Umpteen things. Well, there can be multiple answers to this, but Love is definitely one of the most sought thing by humans, but why? Why is love so important in one's life? Everyone has their own reasons for this, completely justified by them, at least to themselves. What happens if one doesn't get it? To what extent can humans go to achieve it? What happens if they don't find love? Do they give up? Do share your thoughts in the comments below.

I recently read Breathing In Love, a book by debut author Satvi Sharma, who has weaved a fictional tale of exploring oneself out of their comfort zone. The tagline of the book Breathing in Love is A Himalayan Love Story and the story is of Lavanya, who is discontented with the mundane city life that she was experiencing and wanted to get rid of the stress that it offered.
Book Review : Breathing in Love: A Himalayan Love Story - Satvi Sharma
Book Review : Breathing in Love: A Himalayan Love Story - Satvi Sharma
Lavanya is a digital marketing professional from the city of dreams aka Mumbai and stays on her own in the commercial capital trying to meet her ends and is quite successful in the same, but fails in her quest of maintaining tranquility within. One fine day she decides to leave the stressful and an irksome job behind and travel to a new place in search of peace within, explore the other half of life.

To unwind, Lavanya, becomes a soul searching nomad who decides to travel and trek the Bhutanese Himalaya not knowing that her decision would make her meet Shiven, a western healer. It is then about both of them realizing what love is and what binds them together, but does Lavanya's soul search end in finding her soul mates? That if for us, the readers, to find out.

The story of the book, Breathing in Love, is interesting, but it is very predictive at places, making it appear like a regular love story, but the spiritual angle is a savior. The setting of the story is very beautiful wherein the author makes you believe in the existence of love, which humans seek, in its truest form. There is wit at places, positive choice of words and a few thought provoking concepts explained very beautifully, especially the breathing part and probably that is the reason of it being a part of the book title. I would recommend this 88 page long kindle e-book Breathing in Love - A Himalayan Love Story to anyone interested in reading a quick fictional romance.

Other Details:
Copyright: Satvi Sharma
Genre: Fiction | Romance
You can order a copy of the book from Amazon.
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