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Book Review : Someone To Love - Ruchita Misra

Where in the world do you find love, do you find someone to love, do you find someone who loves you back? Isn't love about companionship? If the world was a highway, it would have been the widest, but then love would have been found in the narrowest of the lanes. If one cannot understand what is happening to them and why is it happening to them, one would fall short of understanding love in its truest form and would kills its essence. Leave aside others, do you get the meaning of love? This should be the question to self.

I recently read Someone To Love, a book by author Ruchita Misra who has written four other books, namely The (In)Eligible Bachelors, I Do! Do I?, Can This Be Love and Second Chance at Love which was a bestseller. Ruchita Misra is an active blogger and blogs at Smile The Smile.  Someone To Love is divided in 2 parts with 44 chapters with a wonderful prologue and epilogue.

Someone To Love is the Story is of Koyal & Atharv, friends since childhood and best of friends too who were totally opposite of each other, opposites attract you know, and they develop a liking towards each other, the feeling of being soul mates, the assurance of being there, the confidants of delight and pain, the treasure box of emotions. But then, happy times are not for eternity and their friendship exits through the departure gate. Will they again meet at the arrival? That's for us, the readers, to find that out.

Book Review : Someone To Love - Ruchita Misra
Book Review : Someone To Love - Ruchita Misra
Someone To Love is just another love story? From the blurb it may seem exactly so, but let us go beyond the blurb. The Cover of the book Someone To Love is very soothing and shouts out loud that's it's all about love. What exactly differentiates the book from others is the way it is written, the small chapters, the constant flow of varied emotions from one character to another, the volume speaks the silence of the characters, the swaying between the past and the present. If you are one who believes in the existence of soul mates, it will make your belief more strong and if you are the one who just doesn't like the genre of romance, you will find it old and unreal. But, what's the harm in just reading for the pleasure of reading and giving it a try?

To conclude, Someone To Love is not about betrayals in love, it is about the unseen hope. It is not about the presence, it is about the existence. I would recommend this 250 page long romance fiction to anyone interested in reading a good romance fiction by an Indian Author.

Other Details:

Published by: Harlequin - An imprint of the HarperCollins Publishers
Copyright: Ruchita Misra
ISBN: 978-93-5264-163-5
Genre: Fiction, Romance
Cover Design: Divya Saxena
You can order a copy of the book from Amazon and Flipkart.

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