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Book Review : Kalayug - Anurag Tripathi

A painting can depict a world, a song can change your mood, a movie can unearth the truth while a story can reveal the unheard. Every single piece of art is more than an art, it is what one sees through it, it is what one seeks and what one takes back. For some, why is it difficult to understand the art? Is it because of no creative outlook or out of sheer disinterest in the same?

For an artist, it is important to keep himself surrounded with people who don't believe in the existence of a boundary, especially in terms of imagination to keep the art in the artist flowing. Collective efforts, here and there, are always taken in line with this thought, but what actually goes behind such efforts? Is it the cause? Fame? Or simply the money?

I recently read Kalayug, a book by debut author Anurag Tripathi which is about the story of a banker who is fascinated by the unregulated art market and wants to explore and exploit it for his personal gains, how he does that, does he succeed, etc. is for us, as readers, to find out. Also, the author, Anurag Tripathi has interestingly woven the idea of Kalayug with his story that revolves around the art industry.
Book Review : Kalayug - Anurag Tripathi
Book Review : Kalayug - Anurag Tripathi
Kalayug, in totality, is a revelation about the entire art industry, how it works, what all goes into being there in the industry and known, achieving everything including money. If this is how the art industry actually works, it's kind of fascinating and crazy at the same time. As a reader, Kalayug comes across as a very well researched book which will keep your mind alert and react to the various situations that Jay, the protagonist of the story, and other characters go through.

The book, Kalayug, has been critically praised by people like Shobhaa De, Dolly Thakore and Abhishek Chaubey. There are 32 short and quick to read chapters with title as interesting as the story itself, however, I personally felt that the book cover and the blurb didn't do much justice to the story, because the story is far more expansive.

Do you like the twists kept for the end? You will like Kalayug, you are bound to get glued to story while the characters confess and bring out in open the irregularities, the uncertainties, and the unknown. The narration of the story is well paced since the focus of the narration is more on the plot and less on the detailing of the various situations. The consolidation of economics, finances, history, betrayal, social involvement, methods and the organization that goes into the build up of the event is splendid.

The story of Kalayug fleshes out art falsification and manipulation, but the story is a wonderful mix of entertainment, information, confusion and commotion. The choice of words and expression of the various situations that the characters are in, is amazing. I would recommend this 258 page long book, Kalayug, to anyone interested in reading a fictional thriller which will take you on an intriguing journey.

Other Details:
Copyright: Anurag Tripathi
Published by: Rupa Publications
ISBN: 978-81-291-4236-8
Genre: Fiction
Cover Design: Mugdha Sadhwani
You can order a copy of the book from Amazon and Flipkart.

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