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Book Review : Six Minutes of Terror: The Untold Story of the 7/11 Mumbai Train Blasts - Nazia Sayed And Sharmeen Hakim

The word terrorism is more relevant today than ever, because of the atrocities being done to human and the human surroundings, under the name of religion, thoughts, beliefs and whatnot. Nothing in this world can ever replace the loss of life, loss of the loved ones and most importantly the loss of someone who is running the family through hard work.

What provokes these terrorists to become one in the first place? Aren't they humans or are they just blindly following the terror dictatorship to fulfill someone else's ulterior motives? No matter what, one cannot commit such heinous crime against humanity under the pretext of being brainwashed.

I recently read Six Minutes Of Terror, written by authors Nazia Sayed and Sharmeen Hakim, Six Minutes of Terror is a tale of the untold story of the 7/11 Mumbai train blasts. Nazia Sayed is seasoned media professional, crime reporter, across print and television journalism with experience spanning over a decade. Nazia Sayed has various accolades and praises to her name, she is also credited with exposing the ISIS network in India. Sharmeen Hakim, twenty four years old, is a legal correspondent with Mumbai Mirror and is known for her court reporting.
Book Review : Six Minutes of Terror The Untold Story of the 711 Mumbai Train Blasts - Nazia Sayed And Sharmeen Hakim
Book Review : Six Minutes of Terror The Untold Story of the 711 Mumbai Train Blasts - Nazia Sayed And Sharmeen Hakim
Six Minutes Of Terror takes us through the decade long journey of the 7/11 Mumbai train blasts, the trials and the justice. For those who aren't aware about the 7/11 Mumbai train blast, in the year 2006, seven trains on the western line of the Mumbai Railways were bombed in the span of six minutes. To read more about the 7/11 Mumbai train blasts visit 2006 Mumbai train bombings.

Six Minutes Of Terror is not a sensationalized minute to minute narration of the story, it is about the happening around the major events in the course of time. Nazia Sayed and Sharmeen Hakim have written about the people and the terrorist organizations which were involved in this horrendous crime, what actually got them involved, how where the train blasts planned and then executed.

The authors, through the book, Six Minutes Of Terror, have also detailed about the investigation authorities, their work and the subsequent court proceeding till the justice was served. It also takes an emotional angle where the stories of the survivors are narrated, the shock and the pain is quite visible through the writing.

Six Minutes Of Terror is a precise sketch of what shook Mumbai, the revenge that these terrorist organization took for no reason and the courage that Mumbaikars depicted during these hard times. The local trains are the true lifeline of Mumbai, which connects the travellers from one end to the other, irrespective of where they come from. The frequent train travelers become a family, some even form their own Bhajan Mandalis. From sharing happiness and food to being there when needed, the local trains of Mumbai have seen everything.

The book, Six Minutes Of Terror is well researched and very well presented, the book will take you through the entire trial. It uncovers the then ground realities which are coupled with in depth understanding of the entire event and will give you nothing but goosebumps. The book also tells about the loopholes in the entire incident, tries to answer a few unanswered questions. The book sheds light on the involvement of religious fanatics from Pakistan, Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), Indian Mujahideen, SIMI (Students Islamic Movement of India), etc.

The different sections in the book Six Minutes Of Terror, like the entire timeline of the events, a glossary of legal terms, profiles of the accused apart from the prologue and the epilogue make the book, more of an easy read. There are eight pages in the book which are full of actual photos of the incident, the survivors and the people involved, the culprits, the lawyers, etc.

As a book, Six Minutes Of Terror doesn't disappoint and when you have the name S. Hussain Zaidi associated with it, you can be rest assured about it. Six Minutes Of Terror is a profound record book on the 7/11 Mumbai train blasts and I would recommend it to anyone interested in reading the nonfiction, crime and true accounts genre.

Other Details:
Published By: Penguin Random House India and Blue Salt
CopyrightNazia Sayed And Sharmeen Hakim
ISBN: 9780143426547
Genre: Non-Fiction
Cover Photograph: Smeet Chowdhury
Cover Design: Unlike Studio
You can order a copy of the book from Amazon and Flipkart.

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