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Book Review : Confused Bastards - Manav Vigg

Youth and Vulnerability, today is the synonyms of each other. The youth today is more open to trying than fearing the failure. Success is relative, it is more about the idea and the perseverance than the luck and aimless efforts. More exposure to the world, more understanding, more speculations and more solutions, in this era where everyone wants more, the youth is the one creating the more.

The youth today is more patriotic than nationalistic, more aware than knowledgeable, more presentable than being present and more successful than being spectators. There are many adjectives that can be associated with them, but being more courageous than ever should be their best attribute.

I recently read Confused Bastards, a book by author Manav Vigg who has written about three friends in their youth, who dream big and want to achieve more than what they already have. The story is about the idea of creating something that becomes a valued possession and is about overcoming the barriers of failure at various levels. Confused Bastards is about the exploration of one's true potential.
Book Review : Confused Bastards - Manav Vigg
Book Review : Confused Bastards - Manav Vigg
Confused Bastards is about three friends, from three different backgrounds, Aakash, Jai and Vivek, who start an online portal where people can come in, rant about their anger and thoughts related to anything of the interest from cricket to politics, from Bollywood to bribery, from love to loss, from this to that. The online portal sees the light of the day when it becomes viral and sudden rage amongst people to voice their opinions and being heard. The story is also about the bright idea coming to life, the screw up, cover up, the patch ups and success once again.

Confused Bastard is witty, fresh and raw. The narration is clearly about the youth ideology of being an entrepreneur rather than being stuck in the nine hour job, it cherishes the struggle. The realistic characters make Confused Bastards more of an interesting read, the cover of the book appears trippy, but is completely inline with the story. At few places, the story seemed to get off track, but the one liners and slangs cover up for that. The title is very apt for the story, which conveys a very important message that everything comes at a price.

Other Details:
Copyright: Manav Vigg
Published by: Srishti Publishers
ISBN: 978-9382665779
Genre: Fiction | Humor

You can order a copy of the book from Amazon and Flipkart.

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