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Book Review : From Where I See - Ajay Yadav

We are often caught in a situation when we need to vote either for the correct or the incorrect, we often have to choose between the right and the wrong. Those who succeed in doing so effortlessly, usually, are on the happy side in their life, but these decisions also lead to burning a lot of bridges in the quest of being correct. If you happen to be with the incorrect for any reason, or unintentionally and unknowingly, you are touted as incorrect too, no matter how many correct things you would have done. Is life really so complicated that we can't determine the correct on the basis of what we think? Can there be set parameters to declare a thing correct? Will these parameters be always right? Is choosing between the right and wrong, so difficult? We need to get the facts in place or the circumstance in place to decide? What are your thoughts on this? Do let me know, in the comments below.

I recently read From Where I See, a book by author Ajay Yadav, which is about the various social, moral and political issues currently prevalent in the society, how we perceive these problems and how we should perceive it. It is not a book, it is a thought provoking discussion between Ajay, a lead character in the story, and the other people that he meets ranging from his childhood friends to their families and acquaintances. The foreword for the book is written by Prof. Harish Narang, Jawahar Lal Nehru University,  New Delhi. The book cover is interesting too, as it completely shows the two sides of the same thing, not necessarily right or wrong, but perspectives. 
Book Review : From Where I See - Ajay Yadav
Book Review : From Where I See - Ajay Yadav
The story of the book, From Where I See, starts with a scene where Shruti is found dead and it is considered a suicide and not a murder. When Ajay, Shruti's childhood friend, is confronted by the police, some vital information is shared by him, but only after huge resistance and the case end's concluding it a murder. But who is the murderer? I am not saying that to you, right now! It's not a murder mystery or a psycho thriller to read, the actual story of the book happens between the suicide scene and the police getting hold of the murderer. As mentioned earlier, the book is more of a discussion and talk about various issues ranging from corruption to prostitution, from economy to emotional failure, from history to geography and from religion to reality. Almost every aspect of human behavior and conscience is touched up during the dialogue and the probable solutions to the problems are also discussed. I repeat, the solutions are discussed and not preached. The story also focuses a lot on religion, all the religions, how they came into existence, how they were supposed to be followed, changed and accepted and how religion has failed at making people follow what it preached. Overall the story is very relative to the present and how the correct decisions in the past would have benefited the humanity at large. The story also talks about the future in context to adaptive measure that need to be taken today.

The characters of the book Ajay, Shruti, Aslam, etc.. are all very relevant to the day. The book might classify as fiction, but the content of the book is very real. The book, From Where I See, has just over 400 pages and is repetitive in some places, it could have been a bit pacy but, I guess, owing to the serious nature of the content, writer would have intentionally done so. I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in current affairs and has an attraction towards history.

Other Details:
Copyright: Ajay Yadav
Published by: LiFi Publications Pvt. Ltd
ISBN: 978-93-82536-81-9
Genre: Fiction/Religion
Cover Design: Geetali
You can order a copy of the book from Amazon and Flipkart.
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  1. A religious fiction, really? Are you sure it isn't biased towards on religion?

    1. Yes, it isn't biased towards one particular religion. The only way, you would agree is by reading the book. Do share your thoughts, when you have read the book.

      Thank you for reading the review :)

    2. Ok Kaushal, I will be reading the book.

    3. Great to know, looking forward to hear from you.

  2. thanks Kaushal for an excellent and honest review


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