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Book Review : The Extraordinary Consciousness Of An Ordinary Man - Roy

We are travellers, and when I say travellers I don’t restrict my thoughts only to moving from one geographical location to another geographic location. Travelling, according to me is a very vast and highly unexplored phenomenon that needs to unearth mysteries and glorify itself. Travelling is about exploring the unforeseen in various forms which enhance and enrich us mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, for some, too. Travelling, when happens within you, your soul and your consciousness is aware of the same, you are close to scrutinizing, experiencing and embracing the extraordinary within the ordinary you.

TheExtraordinary Consciousness Of An Ordinary Man is a book authored by Roy. The book is all about the beliefs, the findings and the changes it can bring. I can say that it is a book with a soul, but you won’t agree with me until you read it. It’s more of based on spirituality, totally non-preachy, and the story is woven around it in a lovely way. It is also about a perspective, there are chances that you may agree to it after you have read it, on thoughts, ideas and beliefs of our very own India, the ancient India to be specific. One of the core thoughts of the book, TheExtraordinary Consciousness Of An Ordinary Man, is about leaving the recognized behind and embracing the unrecognized for a change to see and experience the difference. The cover of the book is very apt for the story, the message of finding oneself is conveyed and will raise your curiosity levels to know more about the book. To me, the story started from the cover itself.
Book Review : The Extraordinary Consciousness Of An Ordinary Man - Roy
Book Review : The Extraordinary Consciousness Of An Ordinary Man - Roy
Here is the story of the book in brief, because a detailed account of the story would deceive you of the actual pleasure of reading a great book. The story is about Gopal Banerjee, a human being as normal as you and me, happy with everything around him from work to his personal life. There is content in him and all seems okay until his encounter with “Maya Devi”, the goddess of illusion as per Hindu Mythology. Creative personnel at work who took a work sabbatical to learn something new is returning to homeland from New York in a flight meeting new people interacting with them and in between all these, his thoughts and life are about a take a detour and are at the outset of an unexplored journey. Being born and brought up in the era of modernization and modern education that imparts scientific outlook which provokes everyone to question, to think and rethink whatever is being imparted as information or knowledge to them. Gopal’s confrontation with Maya Devi makes him question his beliefs, faith and views. With this encounter begins a journey, the travelling that I mentioned in the initial paragraphs, of discovering and rediscovering his thoughts and rationale about the somehow existing beliefs of ancient India. This journey of explorations, for him, becomes a route to discover the new Gopal Banerjee that he is destined to be.

In the book, TheExtraordinary Consciousness Of An Ordinary Man, there is conviction in the writing, there is clarity in thoughts and then there is logic in the narration, overall making the story very real. The idea of external forces is clearly and completely thought through which only makes the story more acceptable. The creative writing and references make the existing and the non-existing highly relatable, the characters are well defined, the storyline is quite different and the plot amazing, in totality, making it worth the time. The author, Roy, has done some great work in creating the perfect synergy between logic and beliefs; it’s like you will believe the logic and if you believe it is logical. It is all about perception and the findings, knowing and understandings.

In the end it is an exceptional 380 page long, thought provoking story which is well written, well researched and very well articulated. For non Indian or people who aren’t quite familiar with Hinduism and certain terms used in the book, the glossary of the words in the end comes quite handy. There are instances of humour found at regular intervals which keep up with the storyline, nothing forced even here. In my personal opinion, around 400 pages overall make TheExtraordinary Consciousness Of An Ordinary Man a heavy and a lengthy read. The narration, which is not at all repetitive, could have been cut down a bit somewhere during the build-up until the actual story started. However, it is definitely worth the time spent on reading this book with such minute detailing and a super simple writing style.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in reading fictional stories that revolve around mythology or spirituality.

Other details:
Copyright: Roy
Published By: Notion Press
ISBN: 978-1-945400-15-5
Genre: Fiction

You can order a copy of the book from Amazon & Flipkart.
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  1. Looks like a good mix of mythology and reality, would like to read it.

    1. Hello, thanks for reading the book review. Do share your thoughts over here when you have read the book.


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