Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Interview with Prachi Garg

I interviewed Prachi Garg, the author of the book Super Women - inspiring stories of 20 women entrepreneurs. You can read the complete review of the book at Book Review : Super Women - Prachi Garg. Hope you will enjoy the interview.

-- Interview with Prachi Garg --

Q: How does it feel after “Super Women” being published?
A: It feels superb. It is like getting items from your bucket list ticked.

Q: What inspired you to write “Super Women”, did you always want to write something like this?
A: I always want to write something into non-fiction that could inspire, but it will be superwomen, I was not sure. When I started ghoomophiro, I realize, as a women of 20’s , you have lot of challenges to start something of your own. This forced me to look for similar women fraternity and pen down their story.

Q: After “Super Women”, what can we expect from you in the future?
A: “Better Halves oF Start-ups”. It is journey of 20 couples, who chose to be together both in personal & professional life.

Q: Do you read as much as you write? Which are your favorite books?
A: Yes, I am an avid reader.  Alchemist is what I started with. Though off late my love for non-fiction have increased

Q: Which other writers inspire you?
ANandan Nilekani, Sudha Murthy.

Q: How did you shortlist the twenty Super Women mentioned in the book
A: The idea was to interview females who started something at the early age of 20. I think, this criteria in itself reduced my set.

Q: Can you tell us something about the research you have put in to write this book?
A: I researched about women entrepreneurs, wrote to them, understood their work, as I wanted to cover the females from different genres. If you see few of them are e-tellers,while few are into social work, while few into environment etc. After primary research, next task was to reach out to them, and then taking their consent and finally multiple iterations of their responses. Most important task was to do due justice with these fantabulous women.

Q: Any moment of interaction with these Super Women that made you go wow
A: Every interaction with these 20 superwomen was wow. Listening to their business ideas, their efforts and their achievements were learning experience for me.

Q: You prefer reading e-books or you love the traditional paper/hard back books?
A: Hardbook is always a preference. I don’t think, I have ever bought any kindle version. I love my little library at home.

Q: During the course of writing this book, did you ever face a writer's Block? How long did it take for you to complete the book?
A: Yes, multiple times. I think it was during my travel, I used to write. I took around 2 years to complete this, as it went through multiple iterations.

Q: Can we expect a sequel to this book with another Twenty Super Women?
A: No plans, but yes, depending on the response, I can think of genre where-in these 20 women are doing superbly.

Q: Two things that you like and dislike about being an entrepreneur?
ALikes: Ability to explore and thinking always on your toes; Also, taking up new challenges and responding to folks accordingly.
Dislike: Not been able to take out time on personal front.

Q: One message that you would want to convey to our readers?
A: There is one life, make most of it.

Q: How can our readers connect with you?
A: Facebook & Twitter

-- End of Interview with Prachi Garg--

You can order a copy of the book on Amazon
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