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Book Review : My Dream Man - Aditi Bose

What are dreams if they don't become a reality? What would one long for? Aspire to achieve? Dreams have an unparalleled and hidden motivation that one needs to channelize to achieve them. The dream would mean different things for different people, the dream would mean aspiration to achieve something, dream would mean a disturbed sleep. Everyone in this world is dream bound, all one needs to do is focus and aim at achieving them and success is yours.

My Dream Man, book by author Aditi Bose, is about the two dreams that the author has. One of them is the love interest, the man himself, while the second being an author, having a book published. The entire story revolves around these two dreams and the author's attempt to translate them into a reality. A reality that exists not only for her, but for the dreams that she has. The book has two main characters Ajopa Ganguly and Aniket Verma and as you would have already guessed that Aniket is the dream while Ajopa is the one who dreams. Ajopa is a student and an aspiring writer while Aniket is an Economics stalwart who often speaks on various issues related to Economics and is quite famous for his work.
Book Review : My Dream Man - Aditi Bose
Book Review : My Dream Man - Aditi Bose
The story starts with Ajopa describing herself and then moves on to seeing Aniket for the first time only to fall for him. You may call it luck, Aniket becomes Ajopa's teacher and slowly their bonding grows, but true love has not happened yet. They have a fight and a pact to not to talk to each other, whoever talks first loses and then they take their own paths only to realize that they have been missing something in their life. When they meet, Ajopa gets a challenge to write a manuscript for her new book in only 48 hours by Aniket. She completes the challenge and yet again faces a rejection by the publisher, then she realizes that the challenge was a dream. The story continues, Ajopa and Aniket both confess their love and meet to call it a happy ending. What makes this happy ending sweeter is that Ajopa achieves both her dreams thus the tagline of the book, A journey from dreams to reality.
What sets the book, My Dream Man, different from other books is that the way it is written. It appears that the author is talking to you while writing the book, there are conversations and then there are distractions making it appear very real. There is humor without an overdose and overall it is very witty. The characters of the book are very well defined and you can easily relate to them. The only thing that doesn't relate to the book, according to me, is the pink colored book cover with an erotic illustration as the story isn't about erotica or author's fantasy. It is one of the best first person fiction books that I have read and would recommend it to anyone who loves to read romance fiction.

Other Details:
Publisher: Authors' Ink Publications
Copyright: Aditi Bose
ISBN: 978-93-85137-36-5
Genre: Romance. Fiction
Cover Design: Ajitabh Bose
You can order a copy of the book from Amazon

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