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Book Review : Love Revisited - Kulvaibhav Kaushik

You would have definitely heard many love stories and would have read a lot as well. Love stories with happy endings is what attracts you towards the phenomenon called Love and if it's first love, then the magnetic power of attraction increases by multiple folds.

Love Revisited, a book by Kulvaibhav Kaushik, is one such story with a happy ending of first love. When I read the title I wasn't sure that the story would have narration that's so simple. If a movie is made based on this book it would pass the censor board with a 'U' certificate as compared to the love stories that we see on screen these days.

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The story has two main characters, Sameer and Shruti who are from Jaipur and Kolkata respectively. Their first encounter happens in a city alien to both of them, i.e. Mumbai at their workplace. Sameer experiences Love at first sight, while Shruti is of the opinion that, "Ignorance is bliss". A sequence of awkward and funny moments happens between them and after a month or two they both start working in the same team, start hanging out together along with their team members and realize that they both like each other only when they separate for a week from each other. Things move on track for them, but not for too long, soon they meet with an accident which not only hurts them physically but also mentally and emotionally.

They both then part ways (Shruti intentionally while Sameer not at all ready for it) and start living their own lives. But this detachment from each other wasn't for long, they both happen to join the same company again in a distant land i.e. Delhi. Again a series of events happen between and related to them and thus they both reunite to take the oath of being one soul.

It might appear as a very regular story, but the simplicity which rides on the different waves of human emotion is impeccable. Love revisited, has an ending which lives up to the name.

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves reading Love Genre.

Other details
Author: Kulvaibhav Kaushik
Published by: Blackbuck Publication
ISBN: 9781634155717
Genre: Literature & Fiction / Love
Cover Design: Vivek Mudgal
Book Editor: Anshul Sharma
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  1. Sweet... All's well that ends well, eh? ;)

    1. Yes, but the ending was very predictable. Could have been better.


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