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Book Review : The Blacks, The Whites And The Colors of Life - Shreya Naik

Life is all about expression and what defines your life is how you express. There are various ways to express and knowing even one of those is sufficient. I believe expression need not to be perfect always but it has to be true. One of the best mediums of expression is the art of writing and sense of usage of colors. I recently read, The Blacks, The Whites And The Colors of Life..! written by Shreya Naik is a poetry book which according to me is a true expression via writing.

The book has poems which talk about different facets of life from failures to victory, from silence to noise, from happiness to sadness and from death to life. The book is a spectrum of life and its expression is simply beautiful.

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The poem, "A Woman's Outburst" talks about the hot topic in media these days that is a woman's dignity and the problems around it. "God is.. In The Beggar’s Bread!" talks about the existence of god and where can we find him. "Lessons From Failures" is a beautiful articulation of overcoming and fighting failures. "The World Beyond Sky" talks about the human desire of exploring beyond the obvious. "Beauty Of Silence!" is a sound poem which expresses the noise within with silence. "Happiness Needs No Reason" explains exactly why happiness has to be omnipresent and independent of reason. "Where Is Life Heading?" questions your thoughts about your existing life and makes you think about it. "I Don’t Know How Much I Love You…" talks about the honest thoughts and reasons behind one loving another. "Blacks And Whites Are Not For You" talks about the colors of passion, love and compassion.

There are several other poems which are equally interesting. If you want to read something new which is not only fresh but also thought provoking you should definitely read The Blacks, The Whites And The Colors of Life..!

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Author : Shreya Naik
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Format : Kindle Edition
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