Monday, April 30, 2018

News : Notion Press Publishes "Que Sera Sera" Kaasyapa's Debut Book

Notion Press, India’s largest self-publishing platform, has published author Kaasyapa’s debut novel Que Sera Sera, a work of a fiction that emphasizes the importance of family, values, and morals.

The story revolves around protagonist Sagar – a young graduate who joins a public sector enterprise to pursue his dream. As the narrative proceeds, the readers get to know more about his dreams, passions, romance, struggles and travel adventures. After a certain point, Sagar realizes that the basic realities of life are more important than materialistic possessions. He understands the significance of family bonding, which shapes the life of a human being, and how joint families are crucial in inculcating strong values among everyone.

The book, Que Sera Sera, discusses many events that carry great insight into the values that are cherished and followed to a great extent by the people who believe in them.
News : Notion Press Publishes Que Sera Sera Kaasyapa's Debut Book
News : Notion Press Publishes Que Sera Sera Kaasyapa's Debut Book 
Kaasyapa is the pen name of Parsa Venkata Ramachandra Rao from Hyderabad. He is an active birdwatcher and loves listening to music. Apart from this, he is also interested in politics, reading books and participating in literary and cultural activities.

When asked about his book, Kaasyapa said, “Today, I see nuclear families everywhere, but I personally believe joint families teach us many important life lessons. It inculcates strong values in us; it teaches us to give importance to each member of the family, understand and stand beside them. Also, I think it is important to understand that we work for the people whom we love and not for materialistic possessions. I hope readers will enjoy Sagar’s story.”

The book, Que Sera Sera, is out now and currently available on Amazon and Flipkart.
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