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Breathe - An Amazon Original Psychological Thriller Starring Madhavan Is Worth Binge Watching!

Breathe, so that you can survive. Basic? Yes! What do you do, when you need to keep someone breathing and money can’t help you with that? To what extent will you go when that someone is your only child? When it is the only promise your late wife wants you keep? Sounds like an interesting plot? Breathe, Amazon Original, will create a panic in your mind, the restlessness of the characters will send shivers.

Breathe, is a visual narrative of Danny trying to save his dying kid, Josh, who needs a liver transplant from a donor. But, it is not as simple as it sounds. Josh has a few months left and is fourth in the queue to receive the organ with uncertainty of when he will. In his quest to assure that Josh receives the liver and the organ transplant is done, Danny takes it upon himself to make sure the other three recipients prior to Josh receive theirs. This is one perspective of what Danny is about to do, for another perspective, you will have to sail with Kabir Sawant, Senior Inspector from the Mumbai Crime Branch.
Breathe - An Amazon Original Psychological Thriller Starring Madhavan Is Worth Binge Watching!
Breathe - An Amazon Original Psychological Thriller Starring Madhavan Is Worth Binge Watching!
Danny, like any other father who would go to any extent to save his child goes beyond our standard definition of “extent” in our mind. To break the plot, he takes upon himself to figure out the organ donors and then kill them, but I am not breaking how he does. Kabir on the other hand loses her daughter within the four walls of his home and considers himself the reason behind her death. He confides himself, but cannot forgive. While figuring the deaths of the organ donors within the city and solving the murder cases, Kabir revives himself. How? Watch Breathe on Amazon Prime now.

Danny Mascarenhas a champion footballer of his time and currently a football coach is played by R. Madhavan and Kabir Sawant, a Senior Inspector with superb instincts and gallons of guilt battling not only the criminals, but also his personal life is played by Amit Sadh. With Neena Kulkarni, Hrishikesh Joshi, Atharva Vishwakarma, Sapna Pabbi, the supporting cast only adds more depth to the story. Directed by Mayank Sharma, the entire star cast of Breathe is a powerhouse of performance, exceptional storytelling and a drama that soaks not only you but your conscience as well.

At places, you will be dreaded by what Danny does, you will hate him and would want to escape the superficial goodness that he displays. At places, you will sympathize with him, cry for what he goes through and would want to support him through his emotional turmoil. Affection, Anger, Concern, Desire, Empathy, Sadness, Grief, Sorrow, Joy and many such contrasting emotions are on display in one frame. Breathe, Amazon Original, will make you question many things that we deem correct, the various circumstances of life that turn the god fearing family into one that just wants to save their own child at the convenient death of others.

While you are watching this, you will wonder whether the wrong can be undone and forgiven. What justifies the protector of one to be the predator of another? In this eight episode Amazon Original, your brain will try to justify the wrong, but your heart won’t allow you. I bet you will end up binge watching Breathe! Below is the trailer for you and to watch the entire season one, visit Breathe Amazon Original.

Personally, if I was Danny, I wouldn’t have had the courage to do what he did for his kid. It is not only the will power, but the conscience that would fail me. I would rather wait or look for someone who would donate a liver to my kid or at the end, would leave it upon fate. I would still have the guilt of not being able to do anything for my kid, unlike Danny. As a father, Danny would excel, but as a human? That is for you to watch. If you were Danny Mascarenhas, what would you do? Let me know in the comments below.

These days, a phrase which has been doing rounds is that, there are kids then there are teenagers and then there are screenagers wherein screenagers clearly represent the people hooked on to their mobile devices for multiple forms of engagement, while entertainment is the prime reason. With easy and cheap internet access, almost everyone now has the choice of preference for the type of content consumption. But, owing to this, unknowingly many content creators or producers, as you would like to call them, have cluttered the space with mundane content. Do you agree on this? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

For daily video entertainment where do you head? YouTube? Sadly, a great platform suffering from the above problem and hence many OTT companies have come up and the one setting it apart from the clutter is Amazon Prime. With the focus on onboarding some great content in the form of Hollywood, Bollywood and Indian regional movies, Amazon Prime is catering to various emotions right from Comedy to Musicals and even Original content like Breathe. Amazon Prime seems to have figured out the needs of the original content space, with the way they think through, plan and present the originals is not only new, but also entertaining and visually engaging at the same time.

Prior to Breathe, Amazon Prime had released Inside Edge, an original series which revolved about the franchise model of T20 cricket in India with actors like Richa Chadda, Vivek Oberoi, Angad Bedi, Sanjay Suri, Sayani Gupta, Tanuj Virwani and many others it was a massive hit which I am sure will happen with Breathe as well. I secretly wish season 2 of the Breathe and Inside Edge are released. I also see that Amazon Prime is coming up with another Original Series called The Remix which has Sunidhi Chauhan, Nucleya and Amit Trivedi as the face so no prizes for guessing that it has got something to do with music. Kudos to team Amazon Prime, I personally look forward to similar and better original series.

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