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Book Review : Corporate Avatars - Disha

Corporate World, a world that is explored by many in the search of their bread and butter, yet a world that needs to be understood. A world where you are supposed to spend one third of your day, but end up being stuck for almost half day. A world that offers equal opportunity to everyone, at least on paper. A world that expects nothing, but professionalism from you that too day in and day out. A world where the only thing that matters is the work and the expected result you achieve, while efforts is still in alien term. A world where even the survival of the fittest is difficult.

I recently read Corporate Avatars, a book by author Disha which revolves around the question of "How To Deal With Quirks At Works". In a nutshell, Corporate Avatars is a satirical take on the corporate world and the categories of people that you would have or will come across, their traits and to how to deal with them. Manish Amin (the Co Founder and CIO of yatra.com) states that "Every corporate professional will love this book and totally relate to it.". Corporate Avatars is Disha's third book, her two previous books were Because Life Is A Gift and My Beloved's MBA Plan.
Book Review : Corporate Avatars - Disha
Book Review : Corporate Avatars - Disha
The book Corporate Avatars is a pure satire on the different types of people you meet at a workplace with an underlying humor and offers a solution on how to tackle these people for your own benefit. The author, Disha, has grouped a certain traits and categorized these people into different sets like Mr. Free Rider, Mr. Workaholic, Ms. Short Skirts, Ms. Process and so on.

There are almost 60 such categories, making sure that you would have come across them in one way or the other. It is not only about the categorization of these people, but also about how to tackle them effectively, confront them when getting along isn't easy and tackle every odd situation without you being the odd one out. The tips shared at the conclusion are interesting, some of which you must already be doing, a few you should try, but don't consider them as a rule book because there exist sub categories.

The writing is simple, straightforward, funny and engaging because of how easily you can relate to these categories of people. While you are reading through the book, you may realize that it reflects your own workplace and you start mapping your colleagues to these and have a hearty laugh. The book, Corporate Avatar, is categorized into Self-Help category, and that stands true for people just entering the corporate world. There is simplicity in the book narration, with practicality and keeps the jargon at bay.

The author has managed to stay non preachy successfully and has taken the explanatory route. Don't pick up this book, Corporate Avatars, assuming it to be a well stitched story as it is about different identities at the workplace which are dissected one identity at a time. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in reading a humorous, semi fiction self help book.

Other Details:
Copyright: Disha
Published ByJaico Publishing House
Genre: Business / Self Help
You can order a copy of the book from Amazon and Flipkart.
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  1. Sounda like an interesting book considering the topic and your review. Getting hold of a copy right away, hope it doesn't disappoint me.

    1. It wouldn't! Do share your thoughts about the book when you have read it.

    2. I did buy the book and read. Every character that I was reading about, I could relate to a face at my current and past workplaces. A very good book, thanks for writing about it.


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