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Book Review : Canvas of a Mind - Purba Chakraborty

What one sees, is not always what one sees through. There are, most of the times, different point of views for the one same thing, which are influenced not by what you see, but by what you are told and least likely, which should often be considered, is what you feel.

If you have trained your mind to see the good in everything, that's a positive outlook towards life, but may not always help, one needs more control over the mind. The moment one manages to control his or her own mind, it will never be controlled by the mind of someone else and get things done the way they want. Though the spectrum of our mind is way larger than we can even think of, but what's the use?

I recently read a book titled Canvas Of A Mind by author Purba Chakraborty. This is Purba's fourth book, while the previous three were Walking In The Streets of Love and DestinyThe Hidden Letters while The Heart Listens to No One was a collection of poetries. The book, Canvas Of A Mind, is about two loving sisters who face different things in their personal life almost at the same time and how it affects them. It is about the quest to know, to protect and to uphold peace, both within the mind and the outside of it.

Book Review : Canvas of a Mind - Purba Chakraborty
Book Review : Canvas of a Mind - Purba Chakraborty
Set in the beautiful backdrop of the Kalimpong hill station, the story mainly revolves around Akashi and her younger sister Ipsha, who is being allured by a complete stranger. You may see Ipsha exploring whatever comes her way sometimes, but Akashi is determined on figuring out more about the stranger and his intentions. Does everything remain good between Akashi and Ipsha? How dangerous was the stranger? Or it was all just an illusion of the mind? All these questions will be answered as you flip through the pages of the book.

Is the book, Canvas Of A Mind, a Thriller? Romance fiction? Or a Self Help Book? Well, it depends on what you make out of it! With a very easy to read through choice of words, simple yet interesting character portrayal, Purba manages to keep the interest level high and you want to know what exactly is going to happen.

Another interesting thing about the book is that the chapters start with a particular quote, the purpose of which, at least to me, was to give a hint on what to expect in that particular chapter. The conversation between the different characters of the book build up curiosity, sometimes impressive while sometimes is intriguing. While the story leaves you wanting for a few answers, but then what's the food for thought?

I would recommend this close to 170 pages long book, Canvas Of A Mind to anyone interesting in reading a quick, no nonsense fictional story that is wrapped in different emotions with an engaging plot which talks about insecurities, commitment, expectations and reality in a very subtle way.

Other Details:

Copyright: Purba Chakraborty
Published By: BecomeShakespeare.com
ISBN: 9789386487223

You can order a copy of the book from Amazon and Flipkart.
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  1. Somehow I didn't like the book cover, however the plot sounds interesting. Will definitely add it to the 'To Read' list.

    1. Hi Misha, I am sure that the story will cover up for the book cover for you. Do share your thoughts about the book, when you have read.

    2. The plot was interesting and the story was okay.


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