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News : Author Manoj Jain launched his fourth book, titled ‘Ramona’

Author Manoj Jain has announced the launch of his fourth book, "Ramona" which is an addendum to his third book Balraj. The book "Ramona" by author Manoj Jain dwells into the psyche of an abandoned woman. The other two books written by author Manoj Jain are The BNO: Sex, Life And Hookah and The THC: Under a Gibbous Moon. You can click on the below links to read more about the books.
After the critical and a general appreciation of his earlier three books, Manoj Jain as a diverse writer makes a comeback with a sequel to his third hit novel Balraj, which was about inner happiness, a quest towards the psychological and spiritual aspect of human relationships and finding the purpose of one’s life. His new book Ramona explores the other side of the coin as it pens the struggles that a woman has to face when her husband leaves his family and worldly possessions to achieve his spiritual journey.

The author, Manoj Jain, deals with the repercussions and consequences of the man who abandons everything for his spiritual conquest and focuses the limelight on the lady whom he leaves behind. Ramona is the story of that woman whose husband has deserted her to embark on his spiritual conquest. Clueless and heartbroken, Ramona is left with two choices- either she give-ups and become an empty shell of a woman, or rediscover herself and change her life in the process.

News : Author Manoj Jain launched his fourth book, titled ‘Ramona’
News : Author Manoj Jain launched his fourth book, titled ‘Ramona’
The book reflects the point of view of a woman who has to face the questions and accusations of the society as well as her own emotions and feelings at being abandoned. The novel goes through the journey of Ramona in three ways, first as a married woman, the second is a more important journey of growth, a growth of oneself when the man of the house leaves her and the third as her physical journey to the mystical city of Varanasi to immerse the ashes of the dead. These three journeys result in Ramona realising her own strengths.

Everyone has a passion in life and in the case of famed author Manoj Jain who is an IIM Ahmedabad alumnus with Masters in Psychology, when your muse becomes your passion, success becomes a habit, “Ramona was supposed to be an addendum to Balraj, just to represent a more solemn side of Inder’s decisions. But as I started writing and dwelling more into the thoughts of this lady Ramona whose life is turned upside down in a blink of an eye, I realised that this story is equally important and captivating as Balraj. In fact, I believe people would be able to better relate themselves with Ramona who had to face abandonment than Inder, who sacrificed his home life to discover himself.”

The book is already garnering appreciative reviews and is increasingly becoming popular as somewhere down the line, each person has a little Ramona in them, an inner strength that allows to embark on a quest of independence. Ramona makes one realize how change in circumstances can change personalities of people and why people behave the way they do.

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