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Book Review : Messed Up! But all for Love - Arvind Parashar

Love is what many need, in what form and in what situation varies. With umpteen number of people, love has umpteen meanings too, sometimes which is derived out of context and sometimes just for the sake of an explanation that the not so important and irrelevant people seek. Situations, wherein one needs love are mostly the ones which involve distress and dejection, when one needs a shoulder to rest on and a mind that is all ears or a heart that understands the silence.

I recently read Messed Up! But all for Love a book by author Arvind Parashar who has been a corporate leader and is a painter belonging from Dehradun. The book Messed Up! But all for Love is the story of existence, misunderstandings and realization of love between Neil and his wife Gauri, told from the perspective of Neil.

The couple Neil and Gauri lead a happily married life until a series of misunderstandings and miscommunication creates ruckus between them and takes away almost everything from them, including the trust leading to the couple finding themselves on the verge of separation. Do they separate or there is a happy ending? That is for us as a reader to find out.
Book Review : Messed Up! But all for Love - Arvind Parashar
Book Review : Messed Up! But all for Love - Arvind Parashar
The essence of the story is that, true love has the ability to make anyone go to any extent and survive through the rough, though the realization may take a while but it doesn't let the goodness sink. The story is very modern, as latest as of today and it is evident with the mention of current affairs and events every now and then in the story.

The story of the book Messed Up! But all for Love is not a gibe on modern day relationships, but whirls around the insecurities which erupt due to hustling lifestyle. Though there is nothing new in the story, but the relatable characteristics of the couple, their friends and the usage of Hindi and English or Hinglish as we would call it is different.

There are too many characters involved in the story of Neil and Gauri, and almost everyone has their own story running parallel to them, adding only confusion to the story, since the story is from the perspective of Neil and is written in first person, the other characters don't have much of a life.

The complete story is only a build up to the suspense in the last 10-12 pages which again ends too quickly and abruptly. There is too much of Hinglish which makes the switching between languages difficult and the actual and nick names of the too many characters  add nothing but more difficulty to the reading experience.

I received a copy from Writersmelon in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Other Details:
Copyright: Arvind Parashar
Published By: Srishti Publishers
Cover Design: Saurav Das
ISBN: 9789382665946
Genre: Fiction
You can order a copy of the book from Amazon and Flipkart.
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