Sunday, July 9, 2017

Book Review : The Three Flowers - Novemberschild

What rhymes with your mind, rhymes with your soul? If you are being questioned this, what would your answer be? Something that feeds the mind, satiates the soul only when there is rhythm in words, words that resonate and associate deep content with profound context. The minor nuances of life, all, can never be experienced in person and can definitely be felt through someone else's experience, their words, perception and participation.

I recently read The Three Flowers, an e-book published by author cum poet Novemberschild which is a collection of 26 micro poetries and were written as a part of the A-Z challenge that the poet was a part of. The author has dedicated the book to her, and entire content of the book, including the dedication, forewords, etc. are interestingly written which reflect wit and humor.
Book Review : The Three Flowers - Novemberschild
Book Review : The Three Flowers - Novemberschild
The 26 micro poetries are titled after each letter from A to Z and to name them the titles are Anger, Beach, Childhood, Daisies, Earth, Friendship, Gold, Happiness, Inspiration, Judgement, Kisses, Love, Moon, Night, Oceans, Pens, Quietness, River, Symbol, Thunder, Universe, Victory, Wedding, X-ray, Youthful and Zebra. Sounds Interesting? So are the micro poetries by Novemberschild.

Micropoetry is known for the brevity, it has, when added with intelligence, philosophical outlook and a subtle rhythm, it makes it nothing less than compelling and a delightful read. The Three Flowers by Novemberschild is a delightful read for sure and depict humor with a tinge of reality. Different perspectives and thoughts are omnipresent in the micro poetries written by Novmberschild. My personal favorites from the lot were Beach, Childhood and Friendship.

You can download the free copy of the book by clicking here.

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