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Book Review : Ink Echoes - Pinaki Kotecha

Change is the only constant, long ago, said a wise human. When everything around us keeps changing, does it change for better? Always? There is a certain set of such questions that need an answer, on an immediate basis, but who cares? How do we define change? Sadly, anything that affects us at the personal level only. No matter what is happening out there in the world, we wait to take rather initiate an action unless it affects us. The entire process of going through a change is very subjective and hard to accept if it asks to break with routine. A change, at first, looks impossible, but when it is about progress the end has to be bright and delightful.

I recently read Ink Echoes a poetry book by author Pinaki Kotecha, who is a Marketer by profession and lover of words at heart. Ink Echoes is a collection of poems on various facets of life across diversified topics and the tagline of the book is "May poetry at least save us from life" and according to Pinaki Kotecha her book Ink Echoes is a creation of coming together of several feelings as an attempt to voice something.
Book Review : Ink Echoes - Pinaki Kotecha
Book Review : Ink Echoes - Pinaki Kotecha
Ink Echoes by Pinaki Kotecha is a collection of 30 poems, each of these poems beautifully bridges the thoughts of change, of surroundings and of life. The titles of these thirty poems are as interesting as the poems itself and are as follows
  1. Calm Before The Storm
  2. On Problems
  3. Withdrawal Of The Soul
  4. A Jinxed Verse
  5. Woo-You
  6. Fatal Feeling
  7. Miracle Of Life
  8. Try Again
  9. Insatiable
  10. Counsel And Caution
  11. Deluge
  12. Green-Eyed Monster
  13. Halfway Down The Road
  14. Retreat My Way
  15. Sniff Sniff!
  16. There Is A Way
  17. Dr. Faustus
  18. Get Me A Dream Catcher
  19. "Mirror Mirror On The Wall"
  20. Obliterated?
  21. Sinking Within
  22. Silver Linings
  23. Parts Of Speech
  24. I Don't Believe You
  25. Love Or Dare?
  26. Canvasing
  27. Do I Know You?
  28. Bittersweet Verse
  29. Poetry Of The Body
  30. Satan Claws
The poems of Ink Echoes are nothing less than the reflection of the community we live in, the evils, the goods, the hopes, the love, the expectations and you may relate to them in one way or the other. There are assorted emotions spread across the thirty poems of Ink Echoes which are critically thought provoking and are expansive without being conclusive, allowing you to rekindle your hope.

The poem "On Problems" talks about the problems that we often notice, not necessarily go through, and only wonder about the life being led by the one suffering only by doing nothing about it. One of the lines from this poem says, "Peer Pressure and anxiety crop from society, No brand new stuff, don't the rag pickers have variety?".

Similarly, all the poems have great depth and accelerate quickly with hope. Some of my favorite poems from Ink Echoes by Pinaki Kotecha were A Jinxed Verse, Miracle Of Life, Try Again, Deluge, There Is A Way, Sinking Within and Parts Of Speech. I would recommend this book to everyone who loves poetry and life!

Other Details:
Published By: Educreation Publishing
Copyright: Pinaki Kotecha
ISBN: 978-1618136701
Genre: Poetry
You can order a copy of the book from Amazon and Flipkart.

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