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Movie : Chhupam Chhaai - An Upcoming Children Detective Film

Childhood is an age wherein every single day is an opportunity to learn something new about life, different values, regular studies, morality and even experiencing happiness even in the smallest of things. Childhood, though not the same for everyone, ideally is less about sacrifice and more about betterment, how it happens is what makes the difference.

At an early age, when humans are adjusting to the surrounding it is easier to imbibe certain values, be it honesty, scientific outlook, kindness, equality, etc.. What is difficult is to make children accept those changes in a way they would appreciate, it is usually the compulsion without logical explanation that disinterests them. In what ways, do you think can we, the elder generation, make the children learn to accept and practice these values? Do let me know in the comments below.

I recently saw the motion poster of an upcoming children detective film, Chhupam Chhaai, in Hindi language which is India's first in this genre according to the director of the film Pratik Mittal. He further adds that the film is totally made from children's point of view wherein it is not at all preachy, as the children are already being preached too many things in the school, tuition and home. In the movie Chhupam Chhaai, children are the real heroes who are very much up to date with technology and complaint enough to solve a case on their own and seek parental help where logically required.

Set in the heart of India, in a mythological city, the story of the movie Chhupam Chhaai is of six friends who are in their teenage and run "Friends Private Detection Agency" secretly. Their team comprises of Yash, Riddhi, Nikhil, Akansha Sumit and Tina who amongst themselves are very intelligent and have already solved a few cases, but their most challenging case is yet to come.
Movie : Chhupam Chhaai - An Upcoming Children Detective Film
Movie : Chhupam Chhaai - An Upcoming Children Detective Film
According to Pratik Mittal, the director and the producer of the film, the movie is intended to give out the message of importance of education and awareness in our day to day life, instead of being stuck on social media only scrolling through the timeline, how it can be used for benefiting in daily life. History, Mythology and Science are a part of the movie filled with fun moments which along with the film in totality convey the message.

With thriller as the backdrop and the story revolving around mythology and supernatural phenomenons, the plot of the movie looks interesting and I hope that the movie soon gets a theatrical release.

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