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Book Review : The Bogus Read - Divyamaan

There is no dearth of fake news being aired on news channels, printed in newspaper amongst many and the latest being the Internet! You log in to any of your social media accounts, emails, chatting applications or even a Google search for that and guess what? Fake news, these days, are circulated in such an organized way that even an educated mass falls prey to it and they appear so legitimate that one alreadys starts forming opinions, forwarding the same ahead making it go viral, and take a stand on the news, but where? Yes, you guessed it right, the social media platforms.

I recently read The Bogus Read, a book by author Divyamaan who has written for The Unreal Times, which is a satire, spoof, parody and humor content website. Like many other Indian students, Divyamaan is also from some tech institute who then did an MBA and now works with an MNC doing something everyone does, but he has also written a book unlike others.

The book The Bogus Read starts telling bogus news aka the story right from the cover page and ends on the book blurb and the book cover is so bogus that you would want to get hold of one and start reading it. The book is a collection of all the news that you have heard in the recent times with a twist, the twist of parody, wit and humor, but still the author has put up a disclaimer stating that it has no resemblance to events or characters described in the book.
Book Review : The Bogus Read - Divyamaan
Book Review : The Bogus Read - Divyamaan
If you take a jar and add some solid wit, a pinch of sarcasm, two tablespoons of humor, chopped parody, mix it with lots of English words and bake it for a few hours, what you get is The Bogus Read. The above statement might sound bogus, but is true and that's what the whole book is, bogus yet sounds true. The comic nature of the book will make you fall in love with it and continue till the relating to all the issues covered and the way narration happens.

To set the background of the story, two nations, India and Pakistan are at war and even after losing several times to India, Pakistan doesn't give up and wants to overtake the nation by attacking the minds of the masses and to overcome this and win the battle, the Indian Government comes up with a master plan using the tried and tested methods of corruption, annoying celebs, hooliganism, etc.. The Indian Government is supported by five engineering students, who discover not only themselves in the entire journey, but also the country and the deep rooted culture of things one wouldn't want to talk about.

The writing of The Bogus Read is undoubtedly fabulous and the choice of words, situations, the fictional settings make the characters appear real and may make you believe that these characters are actually in the plot. Right from Narendra Modi to Arvind Kejriwal, Arnab Goswami to Shahrukh Khan and almost everyone in the limelight are a part of the story which is very youthful in the narratives and the anecdotes used.

In a nutshell, The Bogus Read is a logical and a truthful take on the current political scenario, media houses and the celebrities with no indifferences of any sort. I would recommend it to everyone, yes everyone.

Other Details:
Published By: Frog Books
Editor: Prakruti Maniar
Cover: Nishant Doshi
Genre: Fiction | Satire | Humor
You can order a copy of the book from Amazon and Flipkart.

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