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Book Review : The Mask Diaries – Abhinav Goel

Do you remember watching the cartoon series The Mask? If no, probably you are too young! What happened in the cartoon series was, a mask whenever wore by the man enabled him with great powers to do unreal and unusual things in the everyday life, however, the man himself was not of a big deal, but as soon the mystical and supernatural mask overcame the man, he was at the complete extreme end. As far as a cartoon series is concerned, it is totally acceptable logic, however, this isn’t possible in real life, but the masks do exist. These masks make people do unusual, unreal, unbelievable sometimes unethical and unapproved things too, but what exactly is the mask that we as humans wear in real life? Isn’t that an interesting question to look answers for?

I recently read The Mask Diaries, a book by debut author Abhinav Goel, who is a chartered accountant and a banker, he is also a certified career and life coach. The book, The Mask Diaries, is about us, the people and the mask that we prefer to wear in the name of dual or multiple personalities, and how we selectively represent our character in front of a different set of people. Remember the question, I asked in the first paragraph? The Mask Diaries can an answer to that.

I will not write about the exact plot of The Mask Diaries as it is an experience that you should read. The book is a captivating read, it will fascinate you at certain section, the story line is gripping and you may be excited to find out the happenings throughout. The thoughts debated in the book are very intriguing and will provoke you to question yourself for the better and be what you are as you are the best interpretation of yourself.
Book Review : The Mask Diaries – Abhinav Goel
Book Review : The Mask Diaries – Abhinav Goel
The narration of the book, The Mask Diaries, may not be very fresh, however the story, which revolves around spirituality, covers up for that. Sohrab, the protagonist, may or may not be relatable to you as it is difficult to identify people with their masks on. Sohrab, has had a disturbed, hard and concerned childhood, but with his ability to influence someone, read their minds and direct them took him places, both physically and emotionally. It is beautifully written at certain places while you will find it witty, interesting, deep and amazing at other places.

The analogies, phrases and the one-liners are unusually compelling, they will engage you and your mind and they after thoughts may help you face your fears, motivate you to accept yourself. The book, The Mask Diaries will make you appreciate the thought of self-healing as well. Knowingly or unknowingly, they story will make you introspect yourself, your thoughts, your journey and your emotions too!

The Mask Diaries is not preachy at all, but the narration and impeccable story telling by Abhinav Goel will teach you to face your fears and overcome them. With its theme of introspection and nuances of life about feelings varying from love to betrayal, from fame to dethroning, from romance to hatred, it may inspire you in many ways than one. It will also ignite curiosity amongst you in various parts of the story and it starts right from the book dedication which reads, “For you, since you believed in my dreams”, who is the “you” here? Curious?

The cover of the book doesn’t justify the depth of the story and could have been better, hence never judge a book by its cover. However, there are many other things about the book which will make you fall for the story, the incredible story line, amazing characters and their descriptions, provocative thoughts, striking one liners and phrases.

Another interesting thing about the book was that it didn’t have chapters or sequential numbers, or even if it had they didn’t seem like chapters and it was one continuous story which revolved between the mask and the characters. Also, letting you know there are certain pages in the book with a shaded background for the text, do they represent a particular character? A particular plot of the many? What? Well, that’s for you as a reader to find out.

I would recommend the book, The Mask Diaries, to almost everyone and not only to those who are interested in a fictional read because the book is beyond fiction.

Other Details:
Copyright: Abhinav Goel
Published By: Blackspine Publishing Private Limited
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 978-93-86377-48-7
You can order a copy of the book from Amazon and Flipkart.
You can connect with the author on Facebook.

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  1. Looks like an interesting book. Will get hold a copy soon.. Thanks for the review.

    1. Do share with us your thoughts about the book, when you are done reading it.

  2. Thanks for writing about this book, it sounds very different to me.

    1. Glad that you liked the review. Will you be reading this book?

  3. Sounds like a great thriller! Thanks for letting us know about this interesting book.


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