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Interview with author Mynoo Maryel

In a conversation with Mynoo Maryel, author of the book The Be Book which is about a journey into miracles and self-liberation. To read the complete review of the book, please visit Book Review : The Be Book - Mynoo Maryel.

-- Interview with author Mynoo Maryel --

Q: “The Be Book” is a published book, how does it feel to hold your work?
A: Very special. Feels good to know this work is going to reach many and will continue to multiply as time goes by.

Q: Can you tell us something about the planning that you did to bring “The Be Book” to life?
A: As I was going through my journey into Miracles in Bali, I developed a gift of writing and receiving divine guidance. I started implementing this for myself and my writing became better and better. I kept writing and writing and created 27 books. I knew within me intuitively that the first book that would launch my writers career was yet to be written. It was on my flight from Denver Colorado to Philadelphia that I received the full map of THE BE BOOK. In planning it, I created a mind map with each of the chapters in the book. For each chapter I created its own mind map, and laid out the sections in the chapter. For each section I created its own mind map and laid out the stories and the key points to covered. All this was done on the flight. I traveled from Philadelphia to Dubai to spend the summer with my sister for 3 weeks. I wrote the book at that time. The key discipline in writing the book is to keep going from start to finish. Once I completed the book, I read it again and started reading aloud to my sister and nieces. Made the changes I wanted based on their feed back. Then reached out to a focus group of 25 people from different age groups, different life experiences to read and give me feedback by answering 9 questions. I asked if they could do this within 2 weeks and 21 people accepted this. I got their feedback, got my assistant to create a table with the answers to each of the nine questions and decided the changes I was going to make to the book as a result. Made the changes and sent it out to the potential publisher. Got the publisher and the book got published.

Q: “The Be Book” could have either been a full-fledged biography or a guide book, what made you keep it a mix of both?
A: We each have such an interesting journey as we go through our living our life.  In writing the BE Book I saw for myself, how the little incidents in my life were there to tech me valuable lessons and expand my wisdom.  I saw how they were formative and make me who I am today.  I wanted to share with the readers this way of looking at the happenings in their own lives. I also like to hear and learn from people who have been there and done that, rather than from those who just preach without implementing their preachings.  The BE Book is my way to share this philosophy from my own life experiences.  Readers can see where it came from and how I implemented it through out my life. My emphasis is on implementation of this work, not just illumination of a new philosophy. From the feed back I keep receiving I see that it is inspiring people to take action.

Q: “The Be Book” is about miracles and self-liberation, did you expect your take to be appreciated so much by the readers?
A: I wrote the book to bring this way of living our lives. My sincere desire is to share this approach as far and wide as possible. From the focus group feedback I saw the effect it had on their lives. I was quietly confident. It gives me great pleasure to see the response from the readers and even greater pleasure when I hear stories of their implementation of this work.

Q: “The Be Book” is definitely a work of great research and understanding of oneself and life, tell us something about that?
A: The BE Book is a great work of implementation and living ones life with awareness and resolve. This book is not based on research, it is based on distilling the essence of what occurred in any incident in my life, the good, the bad the ugly and the beautiful. Its in joining the dots I saw the pattern of the BE and the BE approach became the foundation of how I choose to live my life. All it takes is living your life with awareness and taking a few moments at the end of each day or at the end of the week, I call this a period of managed solitude and distilling what you learnt from what occurred. I saw for my self, just shifting the way I am being in any situation, completely transforms the outcome. So I enthusiastically share this work. It is accessible to anyone and everyone.

Q: Apart from "The Be Book” what else have you written? Anything that you want us to know?
A: We are creating a community for the readers of The BE Book called THE BE HIVE. So look out for that. Its a way of people exchanging and sharing their implementation stories and supporting one another.

Q: What can we expect from you in the near future? Any other books lined up?
A: Like I said, I have at least 27 books and a few other in the pipeline. The BE book is a part of a trilogy. The “A” Book which is about Awakening and self actualization. It features my 7 pillars of living a Extraordinary life with ease, joy and grace. The SEE Book is about the seven pillars of exquisite enchanting relationships. I am also producing a collections of meditations, some of which are featured in The BE Book.

Q: How did you start writing? Was it an Intentional move? Something inspired you? Or you think you were destined to?
A: I believe I was destined to write. I started writing all of a sudden when I entered my own journey into miracles and self liberation in Bali. I started receiving words of wisdom, wisdom I did not think about and initially did not understand. So I started writing them down and found what I had written quite profound. So I started implementing it in my life. As I did this, I started rising to a higher level of evolution and ore and more wisdom started arriving. One thing led to another and I started creating books. I applied my corporate world experience to create a structure to my writing, which ensured that the bodies of work were categorized and got completed.
Interview with author Mynoo Maryel
Interview with author Mynoo Maryel
Q: Being a published author, is a different feeling altogether. How do you make sure that this feeling stays alive forever?
A: By stepping forward to sharing more and more of my work with the world. Sharing my gifts widely, openly and generously with humility and grace.

Q: What is one thing that you like the most about your writing?
A: It is practical and grounded in reality. Everything I write about has occurred and has been implemented by me and several others around the planet. As a result of this the writing is rich in stories and real life incidents.

Q: How much do you believe in Manifestation? Does it have the power to change someone’s life?
A: 1000%. All and anything you desire you can manifest in your life. I am a living example of this. I even believe in manifestation on tap, in a click of a finger and blink of an eye. The key to bringing this manifestation into your current reality is the key. This is where you play the vibration game. You lift your vibrations to match that which you will have when you manifest your desires. There are many BE Tools in the BE book that you can use and apply to achieve this. When your vibrational frequency matches that of your desires you manifest it in your current reality. Absolutely manifestations and having the power to do so transform people’s lives.

Q: There are misconceptions about the process of manifestation, what would like to share something more credible with the readers?
A: It is all in your vibrational match. Once your vibrational frequency matches that of what you desire to manifest it shows up in your current reality. As mentioned above, you can use the BE Tools in The BE Book to support you with this. I have used this and many many people who have worked with thee approaches have done so too.

Q: If given a chance to make one change in your book, what would that change be? Why?
A: I will not change anything in the book.

Q: Any particular review that you received for “The Be Book” made you go wow? Can you share with us?
A: There are so many and I am deeply grateful for this feedback. Keep the reviews coming, it helps me and other readers too. Here are a few that I love to share:

  • “I laughed, I cried, I danced, I stopped in my tracks, I smiles and relaxed BEing ME”
  • “A book for all generations, my mom, my grandma, my nephew and me are loving it”
  • “At last someone dared to speak their truth. I feel inspired by my own life, I can see that”
  • “And its all true, the palaces, the parasites, the dictator, the angels, the adventures. A little bit scare, lots more inspiring, I like that."
  • “For me, its the most important piece of writing.  In that moment my world changes for ever. What can I say”
Q: Tell us about, how writing is a part of your daily life?
A: I allow up to 4 hours every morning for my morning practices of pranayama, meditations and writing. It is an integral part of my daily routing. I tune in every morning to receive the wisdom most relevant for that day and write it, share it and then start my day to day activities. I have times blocked out three times a years ten days at a stretch to just write. I have three parts of the world that I do the consolidation of my my writing, Aspen Colorado, in the USA, Dubai, Bali, Indonesia. I have planned to spend ten days in Rishikesh this year to see of this too can become a writing get away.

Q: Other than being a published author, what else do you do professionally?
A: I am also an artist and paint the divine wisdom that is flowing through me. I use infused crystals to do my paintings. Including fossilized Sharks tooth, meteors that are over 15 million years old, Fossilized dinosaur tooth, Ruby, emerald, quartz, amethyst and many others. I am also a healer and have my foundation The POEM (Palace of Extraordinary Miracles) which stands for Dignity for all. I share my healing practices and am developing the POEM Centre as a Radiance City of Integrated Health.

Q: What made you finalize the book cover? Did you have more options?
A: Yes I have a few options and I knew that the cover of the first edition of the book had to have the divine light coming through it. I chose it because it is evocative and infused with the energy of the divine connecting to our third eye with its purple light.

Q: Tell us something about your experience of getting “The Be Book” published?
A: It was magical, full of synchronicities and coincidences. The book itself got created as if by magic and every step of the way was organized, every person that got involved in the book experienced the transformation and became and ambassador for this work. I feel so blessed and grateful for everyone who have bought the book, reviewed it and shared it. I feel even more enthusiastic as people start to implement this work and sharing their experiences.

Q: Do you read as much as you write? Which are your favorite books and authors?
A: I used to read and now I allow my connection to the divine to bring me the wisdom I require in the moment. I love biographies and stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Q: You prefer reading e-books or the traditional paper/hard back book?
A: I am still one for traditional paperback and hard cover books.

Q: There are many books written about manifestation, weren’t you skeptical about your book being lost? How did you make sure that it stands out, the way it has?
A: My book is about miracles and self liberation. I follow my intuitive guidance and I know that it has always served me. So following that I completed the book. I developed a community of followers of the wisdom coming through me and empowered that community with this work as well as encouraged them to share it widely. I also invited one of the ladies who had her life completely transformed with this work, to such an extent that she became a best selling author herself; to lead the campaign to create a buzz. She did a marvelous job and the book became a number 1 best seller and several countries, a best seller 13 times.

Q: Two things that you like and dislike about “Self-Liberation”?
A: Self Liberation is life unleashed. It reconnects you to choice, you reclaim your choice in all matters concerning you. That is what I like. There is nothing I dislike about self liberation though there are two key challenges that come with the territory. Responsibility being the first one. The buck starts and stops with you. You are responsible for every aspect of your experiences in life. The second one is that of “choice elimination”. When you experience self liberation, the world becomes your oyster, you are flooded with infinite possibilities coupled with, endless vitality and bountiful of choices. You have to apply your intuitive abilities to make the choices best for you.

Q: If you have to give one reason to our readers to get hold of your book, “The BE Book”, what would the reason be?
A: If you are seeking a miracle in any area of your life, then read The BE Book. If you are in the DO Race and wish to enjoy the journey read The BE Book. If you are ready live your life on your terms rather than reacting to other agendas, then read The BE Book. Any one of these reasons are reason enough to read this book.

Q: Any message you would want to share with our readers?
A: Expect and Accept Miracles they are the norm. A miracle is when something beautiful occurs that makes your heart sing. In any circumstance in any situation you can always find something that will make your heart sing, look for that and open the gates for more and more to come to you.

Q: How can our readers connect with you?
A: You can contact me on Facebook my page is Mynoo Maryel. You can also connect with me through my website,

-- End of Interview with author Mynoo Maryel --
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  1. Great book - The BE lifestyle has helped me focus to step into my own innate shoes to reclaim my gifts. Universal book for our times.

    1. Dear Antonetta, thanks for sharing your views on the book.


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