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Movie Review : Ventilator (Marathi Movie)

Our lives mostly revolve around our friends, both at work and otherwise, and then the remaining time, which we manage to snatch away from our busy work life is intended to be spent with the family, but do we really succeed in doing so? That's the uncertainty. There was a time when an ideal world existed, now everyone wants to be practical and achieve success, but at the cost of what? Our very own me time and the family time!
Movie Review : Ventilator (Marathi Movie)
Movie Review : Ventilator (Marathi Movie)
Ventilator, a Marathi movie directed by Rajesh Mapuskar, released on the 4th November. From the title, it was very evident that the movie would be around a person in a critical health condition who would be on the life support called ventilator and the movie trailer does set your expectations high. In case, if you haven't seen the trailer yet, hit the play button below.

Ashutosh Gowariker plays the lead role of Raja Kamerkar (RK), a famous movie director who is busy with his work life alongside Jitendra Joshi, who plays Prasanna Kamerkar, an aspiring politician working at the grassroots with dreams of making it big in the world of politics and is a distant cousin of Raja Kamerkar. As the movie progresses, other characters who are the family members from Mumbai, their native and even the USA, are introduced which makes the entire family drama reach another level of entertainment, awkward conversations, and situations that lead to realizations.

Movie Review : Ventilator (Marathi Movie) - Starcast
Movie Review : Ventilator (Marathi Movie) - star cast
The movie opens with depicting the cultural vibrancy via the preparations done to welcome one of the most loved Gods in India, Ganpati and on the other hand RK while in a private screening gets to know about Gaju Kaka, one of the eldest and loved member of the family tree being admitted and is on a ventilator. Within a short span of time, every single member of the huge family comes to know about it and everyone leaves from their respective places to meet Gaju Kaka, but love and affection is not the only reason behind the move. Few genuinely concerned, while few to fulfill their ulterior motives of acquiring one thing or the other from Gaju Kaka.

Also, if anything happens to Gaju Kaka, it would mean a period of Sutak(mourning) in the entire family and no one would be able to celebrate Ganeshotsav. The entire plot is about one question, should Gaju Kaka be kept on ventilator till Ganeshotsav ends so that the festival can be celebrated and in the middle of finding answers to this question, emotional unrest is on exhibit.

One good thing about the movie is that it isn't stretched anywhere, no overacting, no unnecessary songs and no exaggeration. The family drama, a gathering at the hospital reception, is full of chaos, a chaos that will make you smile, relate to the situations and laugh at the dialogues. It also talks about the unspoken relationship between a father, and a son, the things that are taken for granted and things that are assumed, without knowing the what's and the how's. Does Gaju Kaka survive, does the period of keeping him alive on a ventilator extends, do the family members fulfill their ulterior motive, is for you to find as a viewer.

Ventilator, is a movie which is more than honest and is a riot of emotions. It also talks about how we miss on setting our priorities in place, how misunderstandings ruin a relationship as important as a father and a son. The movie will make you cherish the one life that we have, unless you believe in reincarnation. Ashutosh Gowariker's presence is very natural while Jitendra Joshi adds more beauty to the emotions, the other actors also contribute in making the movie more convincing. Boman Irani (as a doctor) and Priyanka Chopra (as herself) also appear in their guest roles.

To sum it up, Ventilator is an emotional riot in relationships with the dosage of laughter at regular intervals. A movie that conveys a worthy message without being preachy in the narration. If you want to watch a movie with family drama, go for it.
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