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Book Review : Suhani - Turia

Our struggles define our life and our approach to them not only shapes the direction but also frame the results. Struggle or the result? What should we be more concerned about? Do we get burdened with the results not in our favor or do we get more involved in the process of correcting them? Stopover or a leap? What should be the choice to overcome the past, unacceptable to the determined us? Hope and faith, within us, are two decisive things that can scale up the efforts we make and when coupled with confidence and conviction, we can definitely turn things around.

I recently read Suhani, a book by debut author Turia (Mamta Wathare). The book blurb is actually a paragraph from the book, which may not summarize the story for you, but will definitely reveal a certain aspect of the story which talks about a Sadhu and his genius. "Everyone is a part of the same story", a phrase from the blurb and the book, outlines the story of the book and our life in general too.

Suhani, the title of the book, is after one of the lead characters in the story penned down by Turia. There are other characters, who revolve around Suhani, are a part of her journey and crucial element of her story. The core of the story is the positive aspect towards life and the journey of overcoming the deadlocks in life. The book, Suhani,is set in the holy city of Benaras, but sheds light on how wicked the people around Suhani have been while her days of growing up and surviving. It talks about the her love for love and her art of painting.
Book Review : Suhani - Turia
Book Review : Suhani - Turia
Suhani is less of a love story and more of a journey towards it. Suhani is less about the consequences and more about the courage. Suhani is an approach, Suhani is a thought, Suhani is a myth, Suhani is real, Suhani is what you would like to make of it. From the book cover, the book blurb and the initial few pages, you may feel that it's a book with spirituality as the core, but as the story advances, uncovers the beautiful and elegant writing. The thoughts are well articulated by Turia, author of the book, and the choice of words is good. In totality the book speaks about positive approach and outlook towards life. For examples, phrases like, "Only faith will see you through in times like these, for after the darkest hour comes dawn." justify that.

In my personal opinion, at few places, I wanted the author to write further, describe the characters more, illustrate the settings with a few more details and emphasize on the importance of certain particular situations. But, even without the elaboration, this 105 page quick read with very short characters based chapters will bring a smile to your face in a subtle way. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in reading fiction.

Other Details:
Copyright: Turia
Published by: Partridge India
ISBN: 9781482867404
Genre: Fiction
You can order a copy of the book from Amazon and Flipkart.
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