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Book Review : Deep Singh Blue - Ranbir Singh Sidhu

Humans are social animals, isn't just said for the sake of framing another phrase. Time and again, we humans have proved the phrase cent percent accurate and why we tend to behave in a certain way, expect a certain thing, demand a particular course of life is a testification to it. We are never short of words to express when we want to, but we are either speechless or prefer the silence when we aren't interested or absorbed sincerely and involved passionately.

We as humans, accept and expect more than we can actually give. We are so used to welcoming things, which are good for us, with open arms, but the same arms get sealed when it is the time to hand over. The problem is not with the human race, it is with the required support system, right from physical to intellectual, from survival to emotional, from birth to what not. The problem is we are too dependent, like we always need someone to talk to us, no matter how introverted you are.

I recently read Deep Singh Blue, a book by author Ranbir Singh Sidhu which is about the life of Deep Singh, the life with the less of ups and more of downs for him. Deep Singh Blue is more of the disturbances between the human mind, the expectations and the reality, the brawl between these leads to an interesting story for a reader. The book, Deep Singh Blue addresses certain issues related to teenage parenting, but it isn't preachy or a guide to being correct.
Book Review : Deep Singh Blue - Ranbir Singh Sidhu
Book Review : Deep Singh Blue - Ranbir Singh Sidhu
Deep Singh Blue, to me, appeared to be a very interesting title with an equally interesting book cover while the book blurb only added more to the curiosity. The title, blurb and the book cover have no alliance, but when you start reading the story, these things will be more relatable. Deep Singh Blue, makes you scrape through the minds and the expectations of the teenagers, their points of escape and their idea of being content.

Deep Singh, the title character, with a disorganized teenage life and no attention from his family is in dire need of the same, he is isolated and so lonely that he isn't ready to bear any emotional disturbance. He is convinced that he is flawed, whereas everyone is, and as a result becomes more chaotic, not only for himself but for everyone around him. During, this chaos, he finds some hopes of recognition from Lily, a married woman who is a decade elder to him and soon expects the transformation from recognition to acceptance. But does the transformation happen? Does anything move ahead or go beyond the recognition, does Deep Singh find the love that he is looking for? All these questions, along with why Deep Singh is in pursuit of the same, makes you get glued to the book. Remember the curiosity part I talked about? Yes.

Deep Singh Blue is set in the United States and is very well written. The teenage problems are very well articulated and presented with much rational thoughts. At certain places, in my personal opinion, the settings and the description could have been narrated better, but nonetheless, they do justice to the story and keep it short.

Deep Singh Blue also talks about the indifferences towards a certain section of the people and the fusion of the same with the overall story is impressive. It's not a regular story with happy people finding what they want, but it is more about achieving the recognition and achieving it in the most deserving way. I would recommend Deep Singh Blue to anyone who is interested in reading an unconventional fiction with a few conventional settings.

Other Details:
CopyrightRanbir Singh Sidhu
Published by: Fourth Estate, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers.
P-ISBN: 978-93-5177-374-0
P-ISBN: 978-93-5177-375-7
Genre: Fiction
You can order a copy of the book from Amazon and Flipkart.

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