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Zindagi Kehti Hai, Yeh Lamha Hi Hai Zindagi - New show line up that promises uniqueness!

If you weren't reading this right now, what would you be doing? Possibly reading something else, doing something more productive or consuming content in one form or the other. The chances of the content being consumed by you in video format that too on a television set would have been higher, in good faith of assumption. What do we watch on television channels? Sports, News, Documentaries or anything else that catches our attention in the name of great drama, reality shows and sometimes just some random stuff we stumble up while switching between different television channels. Another question is do you end up watching what you prefer to watch? Most of the times, one doesn't even know their preferences because of the limited options they get, not in terms of television channels, but in terms of the type of content narratives.

How often do you get hooked on to watching something new or something that is not regularly on Indian television channels? Rarely, is the answer. Well, what if I tell you that there is a possibility of this 'rarely' not lasting long? Will you believe? Probably No. Can I convince you, about the same? Probably No. Can I inform you about something interesting about a specific Indian television channel and their new show line up? Definitely Yes. I am talking about the Indian television channel Zindagi, known for airing content from across the border and making the likes of Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan popular amongst the Indians, apart from their own curated content.
Starting Oct 3, 2016 Zindagi will have a new line up of shows for their prime time and believe me these shows are the ones which are going to bring a shift in content viewing habits. If not content viewing then content preference habit for sure, I may sound too positive about this, but I am sure about it being certain in the very near future. Our popular Hindi GEC television channels are full of some nonsensical non fiction shows, you will second me on this. I see you nodding your head vertically.

True to the idea of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, promoted by Zee Group, Zindagi airs content from Turkey, Spain, Italy, Latin America, India and across the globe and not only across the border. The new shows that will be aired by Zindagi are 'Little Lord', a light-hearted Turkish drama wherein a couple is about to get divorced and their six year old kid is determined to save their marriage by his innocent and mischievous behavior. Another Turkish blockbuster that will be aired on Zindagi is 'Fatmagul', the story of a girl who gets raped and then has to marry the rapist, but then does she love her husband? Quite an interesting plot.

Apart from the international series, Zindagi will also be launching three new original Indian series. 'Tv Ke Uss Paar', a satirical and a comic take on the world of daily-soaps and the much needed reality check on them, it's a non preachy take on the obsession that people have towards the show making them larger than life. 'Agar Tum Saath Ho' will depict the love between two different mind sets and backgrounds, where only love can be a bridge between the two keeping the material realities at bay. It is the story of Neema who hails from an affluent family in Delhi and marries Ravi, a typical middle class guy, it is about the survival of their love.

Another show from the romance genre is 'Khwaabon Ki Zamin Par' which will take the viewers on a journey of dreams and values of success and love. The story is of Arya, who dreams to make it big in Bollywood, and Niyati, his girlfriend. Arya leaves Niyati behind with certain promises made, but comes across Shikha, an established Bollywood Diva, in Mumbai. Will Arya achieve what he wants to? That's for you to watch. Apart from these, Feriha - Season 2 will be aired as well. An interesting line up! Zindagi will also be starting 'Zindagi Awesome' and aims to make our Sundays memorable by featuring some of the most respected movies from India that have defined Indian cinema in the course of time.

With the unconventional shows lined up to be aired, they promise to cater the need to alternate content viewing and soon to become the regularly viewed content. All these shows will be finite, lasting for 6-9 months, unlike the regular drama and soaps that currently air on the Indian television channels.

Mr. Sunil Buch, Chief Business Officer at Zee
Mr. Sunil Buch, Chief Business Officer at Zee
In the Bloggers Meet, Mr. Sunil Buch, Chief Business Officer at Zee, announced that the new line up will also be available to view on Periscope to meet the requirements of the new age generation which is always on the go. The title tracks of the shows soon to be on air are equally amazing and will mesmerize you with their simplicity. Zindagi, promises to reflect the society without being preachy and be thought provoking with simplicity of life being their essence.

You can visit here to watch the entire schedule. I am looking forward to watching the new lineup starting Oct 3, 2016 on Zindagi. What do you think about the new line-up?
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  1. I agree we are continuously consuming content in some form or the other. I am really happy that Zindagi decided to be thought leaders when it comes to taking content to it viewers.

    1. Absolutely, the new line up is thought provoking.


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