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Book Review : The Be Book - Mynoo Maryel

Hesitant, is what we are most of the times, while exploring new things, taking chances and living the life the way it comes. Very few can actually practice what they preach, and those who do, definitely have many more important things to convey. The explorer in us bars us from getting out of the closet called convenience and restricts even the minutest chance of trying new things just at the hint of any consequence.

Even when I am writing this piece of blog, I am worried about it being received well among the readers, the response that it will get, will the readers connect with it? I have been writing blogs for years now, but every time I write something new, I still contemplate, question and sometimes think like a reader. Similarly, this may be the case with most of us, we call ourselves futuristic, but most of the times we find ourselves cemented between doing it or not, taking that step or not, to be or not to be!

I recently read The Be Book by author Mynoo Maryel which is about a journey into miracles and self-liberation, it is part hands-on guidebook and part autobiography of the author. Mynoo Maryel, in this book, writes about the her growing up days to her personal life, her success and her journey of exploration, trying and then succeeding at it as well. In this book, she makes an attempt to inspire people and go beyond the regular with a probable solution to the question "To Be Or Not To Be".

Book Review : The Be Book - Mynoo Maryel
Book Review : The Be Book - Mynoo Maryel
The cover of The Be Book at the very first look is very soothing and that's exactly how the entire book is. The writing and the overall narration of the book is very simple yet displays maturity with the backdrop of inspiration. It's not about manifesting in totality, but about the path of revelation and the effectiveness of our daily life, which we easily ignore without realizing the potential of success and achievement we can seek from it. The Be Book will take you by surprise, in bits and parts.

Mynoo Maryel, in The Be Book, also talks about the four words that changed her perspective towards life, on realization, and the self-discovery that has helped her know the meaning, purpose and joy in the same. The four words, she explains, were actually sentences of two words each and they are as follows.

  1. Because is Be Cause
  2. Behave is Be Have
  3. Beloved is Be Loved
  4. Believe is Be Live
The explanation that she gives will convince you to believe in the magic of their implications and sincere efforts to implement them in the daily life. She has beautifully divided the book in seven chapters, since I have read the book, I know how well the author has articulated her thoughts and presented the effectiveness in terms of the chapters being a guide to the reader. Once you get engrossed in the book, it will be like a companion on your journey. For some readers, the book may not be perfect, but it definitely is an honest effort to share what one has realized.

Another interesting part of the The Be Book is the introduction section which will tell you exactly what to expect from the book in totality and the individual chapters. Even if you read these chapters on individual basis, they will still make sense. The Be Book by Mynoo Maryel also tells you that Impossible is nothing and Possible is the word. I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in reading a well articulated book in the self help and guide genre.

Other Details:
Copyright: Mynoo Maryel
Published ByPanoma Press
ISBN: 978-1784520854
Genre: Self Help
You can order a copy of the book from Amazon.
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