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Interview with author Shatrugna Vadwlas

In a conversation with Shatrugna Vadwlas, author of the book Go Clown - #AccheDin For Comedy. Shatrugna has kept his answers short and candid. To read the complete review of the book, visit Book Review : Go Clown - Shatrugna Vadwlas.

-- Interview with author Shatrugna Vadwlas --

Q: “Go Clown” made you a published author, how does it feel holding the book?
A: It’s a good feeling.

Q: You always wanted to be a writer? Did it just happened or something inspired you to take it up?
A: I am not a full time writer. It’s just something I wanted to try.

Q: Tell us something about your experience of getting “Go Clown” published?
A: Got to know a lot about how Indian Publishing works.

Q: Tell us something about the cover of the book? How did you finalize it? Did you have more options?
A: This cover kind of resonates with the state of mind/delusion, the core character portrays. There were other options but this was something we picked up in a whim.

Q: Other than writing, what else do you do professional?
A: I am a Software engineer.

Q: Apart from “Go Clown”, have you written anything else? What can we expect from you in the near future?
A: I have written some articles for Times of India, Huffington Post, and Faking News etc. I have also penned down some short stories.

Q: The story of “Go Clown” is interesting, how did you think of the story and build the characters?
A: Thanks, it was primarily influenced by the experience of growing up in a country like India.

Q: Is the story of “Go Clown” inspired from real life events, is it completely real or completely fictional?
A: It’s purely fictional, but influenced by Indian experiences.

Q: Was there a reason that you selected “Humor” as the medium to tell your story?
A: One needs Humor to survive the vagaries of Life, and especially an Indian Life.
Interview with author Shatrugna Vadwlas
Interview with Shatrugna Vadwlas, author of the book Go Clown.
Q: How much time did you take to complete the book, did you ever face a writer’s block? How did you come out of it?
A: 2 months for writing, and another 1-2 months for revision. I know folks might be thinking I am boasting or lying, but it’s true.

Q: If “Go Clown” is made into a Bollywood movie, which actors/actresses would you want to be a part of it?
A: Aamir Khan would be a great choice.  This is a male character oriented story. So any actress would be fine.

Q: Do you read as much as you write? Which are your favorite books and authors?
A: I used to. Not anymore. Leo Tolstoy is a favorite. I like Harry Potter too. Kiran Desai also writes well.

Q: You prefer reading e-books or the traditional paper/hard back book?
A: Paperback.

Q: Two things that you like and dislike about “Humor”?
A: Humor helps ease life, and the best thing about it is that there is nothing to be disliked about it.

Q: If you have to give one reason to our readers to get hold of your book, “Go Clown”, what would the reason be?
A: Read, Laugh, Cry (with Laughter) and Repeat!

Q: Any message you would want to share with our readers?
A: The media, celebrities, TV, colleagues, acquaintances everyone tries to give a message already. So I don’t want to add to it.

Q: How can our readers connect with you?
A: Email:

-- End of Interview with author Shatrugna Vadwlas --
You can order a copy of the book from Amazon.
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