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Book Review : The Peshwa: The Lion and The Stallion - Ram Sivasankaran

Are leaders born or created? Do leaders start evolving themselves right from the day they are born or they adapt themselves or skill themselves? Well, it will vary from an individual to another and from a leader to another. Can leaders be created? May be. But can they be co-created? Definitely, yes! History clearly tells us that, only the leaders who co-survived with others, became larger than life, achieved impossible and created unreal achievement goals for competitors.

Leaders are usually associated, remembered and appreciated for their heroics. Heroics that became a saga narrated generation over generations and are still conveyed with conviction and pride. It was easy to be a ruler than being a king in the past, but the most difficult was being a leader who was praised by everyone, loved and equally feared by opponents of magnitude larger than theirs. Respect was their attribute, the most cherished one.

I recently read The Peshwa: The Lion and The Stallion, a book by author Ram Sivasankaran which is about the heroics of the historic legend Bajirao Bhat, popularly known as Bajirao. Though the story of the book happens to be around the real life scenarios of Bajirao, but creative liberties have been taken to narrate the story and should be treated as a fiction and not a complete fact book about his life.

Book Review : The Peshwa The Lion and The Stallion - Ram Sivasankaran
Book Review : The Peshwa The Lion and The Stallion - Ram Sivasankaran
First things first, the story of The Peshwa: The Lion and The Stallion starts with setting the background on Bajirao's had to rise through the dust and ends right where the story of Mastani, who is very commonly associated with him in history as his love interest, is about to start. In between this, it is all about the phenomenal power that Bajirao possessed and his perfect utilization of the same to expand the geographical limits of the Maratha empire at a time when the Mughals were considered to be fierce competitors. The narration is about his skills, both warfare and people management, his honesty and his dedication.

The writing of The Peshwa: The Lion and The Stallion is quite impressive, the chapters are smartly divided, the journey is well presented, the impact created is worth the time you spend reading the book. For someone who has an interest in history, will like the authors take on this fast paced book with narration spanning just over 350 pages and some great quotes and anecdotes. The Peshwa: The Lion and The Stallion will keep you engrossed and if you are a great visualizer, you would probably be able to relive that era. The book definitely brings the Bajirao to life.

Another thing that I liked about The Peshwa: The Lion and The Stallion is the cover of the book, which is as good as the story itself. The Bollywood movie Bajirao Mastani depicted more of the love life of Bajirao whereas this book is ideal for the curious reader who would want to know more about the life of the leader. I would recommend The Peshwa: The Lion and The Stallion to anyone who is interested in reading a historical fiction.

Other Details:

Published by: Westland Ltd.
Copyright: Ram Sivasankaran
ISBN: 9789385724213
Genre: Fiction
You can order a copy of the book from Amazon and Flipkart.
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