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Book Review : Metro Diaries -2 - Namrata Madhira

What are stories? Something that takes you on an unknown journey, a journey less traveled. Something that makes you live a life of someone you barely know, make you feel connected. Something that not only restricts your views, but makes you expand your horizons of knowing the joys and sorrows. Something that makes you experience, experience the emotions. Something that you read. Something that you tell. Something that you can relate to.

I recently read Metro Diaries - 2, a book by author Namrata Madhira. This is the second part of the Metro Diaries series by Namrata and is a collection of 20 stories that revolve around life. The stories are about giving life another chance and overcoming your unsatisfactory phases, it also asks you to live rather than exist. It's a mix of heard, unheard, told and untold stories.

The 20 stories that are a part of Metro Diaries - 2 are titled as below and draw your attention towards the story right away.
  • Charlatan
  • Labour of Love
  • Magpie of memories
  • Stain of Love
  • The Filch
  • The cursed existence
  • Veil Thy Love
  • The Keepsake
  • Child is the father of the man
  • The Plummet
  • Love v/s hate
  • The Darkest Hour
  • Rags & Riches
  • A Rare Sight
  • Epoch
  • A Pinch of Love
  • The Pawn
  • Mou Athena
  • The Last Kiss
  • My Last Goodbye

Book Review : Metro Diaries -2 - Namrata Madhira
Book Review : Metro Diaries -2 - Namrata Madhira
These fictional 20 stories of Metro Diaries - 2 are like an aggregation of varied human emotions that are plying on the edge of exploration. Namrata has done an exceptional job as far as imagining these stories are concerned and then bettered it with her writings. Every single story takes you on a trip that you would have never been too, from being a wanderer to explorer, from being content to longing for more. From the title it may seem that the stories revolve around Metros only, but no, they aren't. The stories overall are engaging and strike the right chords of emotion which you might have experienced sometime or the other.

The first story of the book Charlatan is about a woman, who was happy in her married life, until reality strikes her and by chance she finds out a reality which was hidden under the blanket of happiness. The story then talks about the revenge taken by her and unburden herself. This might sound like an ordinary story but when you read through, you will realize how different these stories are. The other stories that I liked the most from Metro Diaries - 2 are The Cursed Existence, The Darkest Hour and The Pawn. Every single story is unconventional in it's own way, the way they are treated and the way are fictional yet real.

The stories may not amend your thoughts towards life, but they will definitely share a perspective with you. I recommend Metro Diaries - 2 to anyone who loves to read fiction, short stories or would like to read something that is a refreshing take on life at large.

Other Details:
Copyright: Namrata Madhira
ASIN: B01L7T071E
Genre: Fiction | Short Stories | Anthologies
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