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Book Review : Arranging Love, Contemporary Way! - Poornima Dhiman

Marriages, especially in India, are an epitome of family time and the drama that happens around it. It is not the two individuals who are getting married, but two different families, two different upbringings, two difficult cultures and if you are lucky and brave enough, then two different castes. Though, with the modern India and the youths coming of age, the caste part has substantially been dropped as the criteria while selecting the bride or groom to get married.

No matter where in the world you are, if you are an Indian who is getting married, you have to be mentally prepared for the things that happen around marriage more than the marriage itself. Be it a love marriage or an arranged marriage, knowingly or unknowingly, everyone becomes a part of the drama and the stakes are high. With only one mistake, you are gone for a toss.

I recently read Arranging Love, Contemporary Way!, a book by debut author Poornima Dhiman. You would have already got a hint about the story of the book from the title itself. The story is about the experience, though fictional, of arranging the marriage in a way that is appreciated by everyone and is at par with the expectations.

The protagonist of the story, Ananya, a young and independent lady, capable enough of taking the ownership of things that she does is dumped by her longtime boyfriend, the story of her good days and the post break-up days is being talked about.

The story of Arranging Love, Contemporary Way!, starts like a picture perfect and an ideal life that one would want to live. From being loved by someone to being appreciated at work and finely managing the perfect relation between the personal and the professional life. But just like every other story, Ananya has to go through a break-up which she had never thought of in the first place and then the emotional deterioration that she faces, breaks her down.
Book Review : Arranging Love, Contemporary Way! - Poornima Dhiman
Book Review : Arranging Love, Contemporary Way! - Poornima Dhiman
Ananya gets advised from friends on how to move on, but owing to various reasons she just could not and takes a break from the daily life and heads to her hometown where she receives a warm welcome from her parents. As the story moves ahead, she decides to get married and starts seeing prospective grooms.

The author, Poornima Dhiman, then continues the story of Ananya and her search to find the right groom for her. After the disappointment in real life match making with the help of neighbors, parents and relatives, she seeks the help of the internet and technology to do so.

Arranging Love, Contemporary Way!, narrates the experiences of Ananya while interacting with these probable online grooms, but then soon loses interest in the same owing to the creepy and cheap behavior from these guys, under the disguise of the being the perfect match, Ananya wonders if she would be able to arrange love for her, in any way. Does she find her Mr. Perfect Groom? That's for you to read and find.

Overall, the story of the book is engaging, though the initial parts are very much similar to any other love story but then the take on the marriage in modern days is a bit different and intriguing. There are many things that I liked about the book, from the language used to the flow of the story, from the characterization to the plot.

The only thing, in particular, that I personally think could have been avoided were the write-ups about the various conversations that Ananya had with the probable grooms on the online matrimonial website. Though, I think that would have been done intentionally to precisely highlight the issues faced by a girl while doing so. Another thing, which I liked about the book is the depiction of emotions with the words. Though it's an e-book now, the cover of the book is very much at par with the story and sums the second half in a visual.

I would recommend Arranging Love, Contemporary Way! to anyone, who is interested in reading a Fiction that tells a tale of an independent modern day girl and her quest to find the perfect groom.

Other Details:
Published by: Poornima Dhiman
Copyright: Poornima Dhiman
Genre: Fiction | Drama
You can order a copy of the book from Amazon.
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