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Book Review : Stories Of Work, Life & The Balance In Between - Tomson Robert

If you ever want to know what is the importance of a last moment, ask a corporate employee, who are used to this concept of last moments. Last moments for others signify end, but for the corporate employees it denotes a beginning, beginning of something that they don't want to begin at first. Yes, you already know what I am talking about. W.O.R.K! The work that the corporate employees get at the last moment, which needs to be finished at that last moment itself. There is huge imbalance, not between the work and personal life, that is taken for granted, but between the expectations, reality and ability to deliver. Dealing with all three aspects, is an art. Are you an artist?

I recently read Stories Of Work, Life & The Balance In Between, a book by author Tomson Robert. The book is a collection of 10 short stories that revolve around the protagonists work, his life and the balance that he tries to create between them, day in and day out. The stories talk about the struggle that he has gone through and the escapes that he makes, there is display of intelligence and humor. Though this is not a self-help genre book, but all the stories end up with a message about creating the perfect balance, to be the crook or not, what it takes and what it gives back.

Book Review : Stories Of Work, Life & The Balance In Between- Tomson Robert
Book Review : Stories Of Work, Life & The Balance In Between- Tomson Robert
The short stories of Stories Of Work, Life & The Balance In Between, are very generic, regular and if you work in a corporate, you will easily relate to them. The ten short stories are titled as below
  1. What I learned from my first job
  2. The interview
  3. 'Time' for work life balance
  4. Limited by dimensions
  5. The not so social network
  6. How you became a horrible boss
  7. What is love?
  8. To be or not be an entrepreneur
  9. What's your ambition in life?
  10. Midnight conversation with Santa
The author, Tomson Robert, calls these stories, fictional, but when you start reading them it is very obvious that the stories are inspired from the real life scenarios. The stories are also a perspective on how does one see the problems and challenges thrown at them in the corporate world and how can one juggle their way through it. The short stories, are actually very short and end just when you think that the build up you were reading will take a leap but the humor and satire cover up for that.

Overall, the message that the book conveys is that the corporate world expects you to work 24 hours in just 12 hours, but you end working for 6 hours in 12 hours, because of the irrelevant things that come across you in various forms. The writing is very simple and keeps you engaged. If you are looking for a very quick read, Stories Of Work, Life & The Balance In Between can be of those books.

Other Details:
Published by: The Write Place
Copyright: Tomson Robert
ISBN: 978-93-52016-97-6
Genre: Fiction | Short Stories
Editor: Apoorva Tadepalli
Cover Designer: Hirday Jayaraj
You can order a copy of the book from Amazon.
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