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Book Review : Secretly Yours - Vikrant Khanna

Some things in life are best kept unknown from the world, which you aren't a part of, world which is just waiting for you to reveal something to them and then take you on a hell of a ride. You will always find a taker, ready to hear and then spread it multi folds, even at the hint of you revealing a secret. Secrets are like your personal belongings that you don't want to share with anyone, unless that particular 'anyone' is someone you trust, but then these are secrets and secrets have a tendency of being leaked under circumstances beyond your control.

I recently read Secretly Yours, a book by author Vikrant Khanna, who had previously written Love Lasts Forever and two other books. Secretly Yours by Vikrant Khanna is about the life story of the lead protagonist, Sahil, a seventeen year old who was orphaned at birth and then lived the life with his elder brother and other relatives, who always greeted him with tantrums, but then there did exist love for him. He preferred being aloof from family matters and prioritized music over studies.

Book Review  Secretly Yours - Vikrant Khanna
Book Review  Secretly Yours - Vikrant Khanna
His love for music, one day, accidentally made him meet a girl, Anya, who found most beautiful and soon he fell for her. With time and many interaction that he had with Anya, Sahil realized that there is no reciprocation of love by Anya towards him. Call it bad fortune or life, Sahil's life takes a fatal turn and he meets with an accident, survives and comes back to life with a supernatural power that allowed him to read others mind. He uses the same to attract and get the love of his life, in his life.

The overall narration of the book, Secretly Yoursis neat, good, and the simple writing makes it more acceptable apart from actually adding better value to it. However, some situations in the plot are very generic, but then the overall story compensates for the same. The story of, Secretly Yours, is fast paced with unusual twists and turns that revolve around the teenager life, the fascinations, the rebel, the battle between the meager priority of life and death, the importance of being loved and the feeling of being corresponded, the ignorance and the attention that one seeks.

The book cover of, Secretly Yoursis very apt to the story and when you read it, you will know why. Few things that make the book interesting are the short chapters, adding convenience of reading, the way how the surroundings are described and the human emotions. However, since I have read a lot in the genre of love, I found the end quite predictable and could have been better. I would recommend Secretly Yours to anyone looking for a quick read in the romance fiction genre with some thrill attached to it.

Other Details:
Published by: Penguin Books India
Copyright: Vikrant Khanna
ISBN: 978-0-143-42591-5
Genre: Romance Fiction
You can order a copy of the book from Amazon and Flipkart.
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