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Book Review : The Boys Night Out - Manoj Jain

Everyone in this world has a darker side, hidden from everyone, out of the sheer fear of losing the credibility, people and the superficial appearance. If not everyone, then almost everyone has a shadowy story, given a benefit of doubt that some people are pure and pious. Sometimes, after knowing such stories of human desires, fantasies and adultery, we often wonder what made them be a part of such an act in the first place, didn't they knew the consequences, weren't they scared of the aftermath that would be created because of the so called society and its public acceptance of the same? Would you call these people courageous or plain adventure seekers? It would depend on the perspective, mostly.

Under the influence of modernization with minimal resistance to technology, relationships and trust which are supposed to go hand in hand, are often found punching the other in the face. Trust is 'distant' from humans these days, but then the phenomenon of 'guilt' itself is enough to bring people back to their senses of positiveness and faith in the relationship. With modernization, getting along with the lesser knowns has become easier and this easiness often results in the actual problem.

I recently read The BNO (Sex, Life and Hookah), a book by debut author Manoj Jain. Before you start guessing what BNO stands for, it is the acronym for Boys Night Out, quite an everyday life name? I can see you nodding your head there. The 125 page long story of The BNO (Sex, Life and Hookah) is about a night out involving 8 men and two girls, what they were doing together is for you to read. Manoj Jain, who has authored this adult fiction, is an alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad and a student of Psychology.
Book Review  The Boys Night Out - Manoj Jain
Book Review : The Boys Night Out - Manoj Jain
As evident from the title, the story revolves around that one boys night out, the past of it and the future, involving sex, life and hookah where all three represent human emotions and behavior too. All 8 men, who were a part of it are best of the friends and married. The story shares a piece of pie about their life and their adventures to explore, explore what? Well, that's for you in the story. The BNO (Sex, Life and Hookah) talks about the irregularities in the married life of these men, their wives and their work life. The darker sides, the guilt, the pleasure, the seeking, the secrecy, the emotions of the private lives of a businessman, a housewife, a worker engulfed inside the body of these humans are on display.

The 9 chapters of The BNO (Sex, Life and Hookah) are dedicated to 9 different characters, their lives, their perspective and how are the related to the boys night out. The flow of words is good, but somewhere while reading, I expected them to be more better. Though all the chapters are related to the characters who in turn are related to each other but somewhere in between, the flow and relevance are missed, some characters are introduced and when you think that they will play a crucial role, they leave you mid way.

One good thing about all the chapters in The BNO (Sex, Life and Hookah) is that, they aren't conclusive, they give the reader the liberty to assume and think of a end, they can think of. Not everyone would relate to it, and may find the flow inconsistent, but this is a welcome way of narration for this particular story. There are instances wherein the author has written statements in brackets in reference to the actual sentences and statements made by the characters, though they are used to explain what's on the face and what's going on in the mind of that particular character, somewhere I found them distracting from the actual narration.

The human behaviour, fetish, sexuality and desires are very well exploited and decorated with words, which may compel you to think about the people you meet on a daily basis and wouldn't they be doing the similar things as described by the author, but one shouldn't form opinions. The characterization of all the lead characters is interesting, the way all the characters are intertwined and influenced is interesting too. The entire book can be finished in just one sitting. I would recommend The BNO (Sex, Life and Hookah) to anyone interested in reading adult fiction, or stories surrounded by the topic of human psychology.

Other Details:
Published by: Notion Press
Copyright: Manoj Jain
ISBN: 978-9352067336
Genre: Adult Fiction
You can order a copy of the book from Amazon and Flipkart.
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