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Interview with author Roy

In a conversation with Roy, author of the book The Extraordinary Consciousness Of An Ordinary Man. The book is all about the beliefs, the findings and the changes it can bring. To read the complete review of the book, please visit Book Review : The Extraordinary Consciousness Of An Ordinary Man - Roy.

-- Interview with author Roy --

Q: How does it feel holding the published copy of your book, “The Extraordinary Consciousness of an Ordinary Man”?
A: After spending three years of my life writing this book, finally holding it in my hand made it all worth the effort.

Q: You became a writer by chance, something inspired you to take up writing or you always wanted to be a writer?
A: I had a story to tell and had the writing ability to tell it, so I did.

Q: How was your experience of getting “The Extraordinary Consciousness of an Ordinary Man” published?
A: Painstaking but left a good feeling once it was printed.

Q: Tell us about, how writing is a part of your daily life?
A: The thinking process goes on all the time, whether I go out shopping with my wife for groceries or am just sitting with a cup of coffee. I am a disciplined writer so I spend five to six hours every day on my lazy boy (that’s where I write) putting down thoughts, ideas and notes for books. But being a keen observer of life, every experience, no matter how mundane it may be is inspiring enough to find a new insight into the human condition and then write about it.

Q: How did you think of the character “Maya Devi”?
A: I did not concoct this personality; she had been mentioned in the Hindu shastras as the goddess who puts human beings through many tests to gauge their good qualities and values. She tests those who seek liberation from earth the hardest, like she does Gopal in the book. She is the personification of the illusory energy of the universe.

Q: How did you finalize the cover of the book? Did you have more options?
A: The book cover was designed by my brother-in-law Ryan Menezes who is a very well known Indian advertising personality. We discussed it a lot before coming to this idea. It showed the enlightened consciousness of the protagonist and the ordinariness of him as well. We had a few options but we eventually discarded them and went for this one.

Q: You have made spirituality, mythology, etc... A part of your book, do you personally believe in these concepts?
A: As I have argued in my book that myth is a result of the “Age of reason” revolution of England. Before this time, all myth was considered to be history and true. I believe it was the British generals influenced by the new age scientists of 1800’s who called Indian history “myth” as they could not comprehend the technology of the ancient Hindus which explained universal phenomenon and very advanced ideas through yoga and not lab experiments. My belief in these ideas is based entirely on logic and I believe you don’t need a mathematical equation to verify logic, everyone is capable of using their own logic or agreeing with another’s if they find it to be in order. So to me these are not concepts but way of life and thinking.
Interview with Roy author of the book The Extraordinary Consciousness Of An Ordinary Man
Interview with Roy, author of the book "The Extraordinary Consciousness Of An Ordinary Man".
Q: Other than writing, what else do you do professionally?
A: I have been the creative country head for very prominent multi-national advertising agencies in India and South East Asia. I had an 18 year career in advertising before I began writing my book full time.

Q: Apart from “The Extraordinary Consciousness of an Ordinary Man”, have you written anything else?
A: This is my first book but I intend to continue writing.

Q: What can we expect from you in the near future, any books lined up?
A: Yes, I am working on my next book.

Q: Is the story of “The Extraordinary Consciousness of an Ordinary Man” inspired from real life events or is it completely fictional?
A: If I told you they were all real events, the question is would you believe me?

Q: How much time did you take to complete the book, did you ever face a writer’s block? How did you come out of it?
A: It took me three years to complete the book. Somehow I never had a writer’s block as the story is very close to me so all I had to do was write the truth.

Q: If “The Extraordinary Consciousness of an Ordinary Man” is made into a Bollywood movie, which actors/actresses would you want to be a part of it?
A: I would think  Hritik Roshan would make a great Gopal Banerjee. He has the intensity and the simplicity to pull it off.

Q: Do you read as much as you write? Which are your favorite books and authors?
A: I like Classics mostly and authors like Herman Hesse and Leon Uris are very inspiring.

Q: Is “Roy” your real name or a pseudo name that you have adopted to write books?
A: It is a pseudo name.

Q: You prefer reading e-books or the traditional paper/hard back book?
A: Hard back books.

Q: Two things that you like and dislike about “Writing”?
A: I like the flights of intellect and imagination one takes while writing. There is nothing that I dislike about writing.

Q: If you have to give one reason to our readers to get hold of your book, “The Extraordinary Consciousness Of An Ordinary Man”, what would the reason be?
A: This book has the potential to change every belief and challenge every idea that anyone living in 2016 has about this world. The protagonist’s fantastical journey and his uncommon and almost unbelievable experiences would make the reader sway from doubt to belief in the real life events that took place in Mumbai city. But I do believe very sincerely that this book will change the core of any earnest reader and maybe even inspire them to begin their own journey into the extraordinary.

Q: Any message you would want to share with our readers?
A: Be brave and explore the unfamiliar, the rewards for such bravery will make your life large and full of joy. When you start finding your own answers to the biggest questions that man has asked from time immemorial and you expand your consciousness while doing so, the problems of your own small world with all the people and the pressures will suddenly seem insignificant and you will rise above it all with ease and a smile.

Q: How can our readers connect with you?
A: Anyone can write to me at

-- End of interview with author Roy --
You can order a copy of the book from Amazon and Flipkart.
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  1. A really nice interview.. Answered very well.. I'm about half way done..its an intense book which is why it's taking me long to read it.. But that doesn't mean that the enjoyment stops.
    Like any spiritual needs time to reflect as much as absorb.

    1. Hello Siddhant, glad to know that you liked the interview. Do share your thoughts here when you are done reading the book.


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